Embrace the night in Tom Ford’s Noir de Parfum

In the back rooms of bars and invite-only casinos, wearing crisp bespoke suits (tie loosened) and last night's kiss still lingering on lips – Tom Ford’s Noir de Parfum is made to be worn under the cover of darkness.

Encased inside a sleek and sophisticated almost-black, seemingly-unbreakable glass, this is a fragrance teeming with masculine sensuality - a scent to be owned by the urban gentleman at one with the night. As the last step in grooming before an evening out, apply directly before the car pulls up to whisk you, and your plus one, away.

Notice how Tom Ford has reimagined iconic accords into this two-part structure, with notes of black rose, black truffle and patchouli. The result is ying colliding with yang, the contrast of inner and outer worlds defining an experience of dark indulgence. Best worn throughout a night of party hopping, Negroni sipping and midnight swimming, the faces of the night might start to blur in your memories, but the feeling of the scent will last forever.

TOM FORD Noir Eau de Parfum