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So you want to try brow lamination? We speak to an expert about everything you need to know before you book your first appointment

brow lamination

If you consider yourself a beauty aficionado, you will certainly have come across the latest eyebrow beauty trend known as brow lamination. Hailing from Russia, this full, slicked-up brow finish gives you a very similar result to microblading without the pain or needling. So, why has brow lamination all of a sudden begun to gain traction?

Take one look at your social media feed and you'll find the answer. Off the back of the extremely popular fluffy soap-brow trend, many people started to look for a more semi-permanent alternative. The process is really similar in technique to a perm or lash lift – where every strand of hair is pulled upwards to give a lifted and fluffy finish.

Outside of the aesthetics, brow lamination is a great solution for those with brow concerns relating to gaps, thinning, over-plucking and unruliness; brow lamination expert Lana Tarek tells me. She's been in the business of brows for seven years, recognising the growing international popularity of lamination in 2019, when the technique was still fairly new.

"We were one of the earliest salons to offer it, and in our time have tried several different methods and kits. Today, we have gained so much knowledge that we’ve been able to introduce a course to teach the signature Lana Tarek method of lamination."

Here, we get Tarek's expert opinion on everything you need to know before you book your first brow lamination appointment.


What is brow lamination?

Brow lamination is very similar to a perm or a lash lift. Essentially, it lifts the brow hairs up to give a very ‘runway’ look. It also thickens the brows and keeps them healthy.


How does the treatment work?

At our salon, we use IBROU, which is a new kit that is unlike other lamination systems. It is the first ever four step procedure that includes a skin barrier to protect the integrity of the skin during the lamination. We fix and perm the hairs and also apply a keratin to make them silky and upright.


What happens at a brow lamination appointment?

When you arrive at your lamination appointment, you will be greeted and consulted. You may decide that you’d also like to get a tint, for example. We always start the treatment by mapping out the brows. The lamination treatment ends with a tint and a clean-up.


How long should you grow your eyebrows before booking an appointment?

Generally, it’s best the grow our eyebrows out for a minimum of six weeks prior to a lamination treatment so you can really see the growth.


What results can you expect from brow lamination?

After your lamination treatment, you can expect brows that are lifted, fuller and darker. It’s a very chic look that is hugely popular on the runway.


Is there any downtime or aftercare?

Post-treatment, we recommend you keep your brows dry for 48 hours in order to maintain the best results, this means avoiding long steamy showers. We also recommend conditioning the brows daily.

Who is brow lamination best suited for?

Most people can have their brows laminated, but it does work best for those with thinner brows who want to achieve a thicker look naturally, without microblading. As long as you like a fluffy brow, lamination is right for you!


Is there anything specific you believe clients should know before they begin their treatment?

The biggest piece of advice I can give is to not trim your brows. If you want thicker brows after a lamination, it’s best to grow the hairs out for the lamination to give the unstructured and fluffy effect.


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