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Our model muses prove full and fluffy brows aren’t going anywhere

Trends are a subjective thing. Shifting constantly and subtly, responding to culture, driven by markets and fuelled by social media. In the realm of beauty, eyebrow aesthetics have defined decades more so than any other feature - think the pencil thin brows of the 20s, the arches of the 50s, the overly plucked 90s style and the heavy brows of the Instagram age.

And the options for brow styling are now endless. Inspired as much by aesthetic trends as advancements in beauty product development, brands such as Benefit Cosmetics are harnessing our obsession with brows with extensive product ranges (29 and counting), mean you can pluck, highlight, define, shape, set and intensify your look however you please.

Though the tide will most definitely change course the ebb and flow of trends, for now we are opting for thick, full and fluffy brows - groomed as naturally as possible and channelling Brooke Shields in Blue Lagoon (aren’t we always?). Look to Alyssa and Megan for inspiration and embrace the times.

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