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You can now rent the townhouse from ‘Breakfast at Tiffany’s’ for your next stay in New York City

Few cities possess the cultural pull of New York City. While it may cause natives to roll their eyes, there's a certain magic that causes tourists to flock to the stoop of Carrie Bradshaws apartment on Perry Street. The same can be said for Tiffany & Co.'s flagship store on 57th street. You can barely walk a block down the road without running head on into a significant cultural landmark. Now, those visiting the city can indulge their New York City fantasies further; the Upper East Side townhouse from Breakfast at Tiffany's is available to rent.


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Through luxury rental site Inspirato, those seeking a slice of film history can rent the whole building for $2,500 USD a month, if you're an Inspirato Pass holder. Otherwise, for Inspirato Club members you're looking at a nightly fee on top of your $600 monthly subscription. While, the admission price is steep, barring most of us from bringing this small dream to fruition, what it doesn't stop is us daydreaming of all the possibilities this townhouse offers. So let us begin.

Those who have watched Breakfast at Tiffany's will recall that the building was divvied up into modest, one bedroom apartments for the film. And while you won't have Paul Varjak as a neighbour or Cat to keep you company, one would argue the reality is much more enticing. Built in 1910, the townhouse has five stories - all fitted out with parquet flooring - , four bedrooms, a wine cellar with a wet bar (?), a library, a greenhouse - which seems absurd in a city where many barely have space in their apartments to stretch their legs - and a garden level patio.

For those looking to go the whole hog and slip back in time to 1961; find a Givenchy gown and take a walk to Central Park or, to complete the fantasy, Tiffany's Fifth Avenue flagship store which, after all, is only a few blocks away from the site.

The final perk? Since Inspirato manages the home, they've promised concierge services and more importantly, a stocked fridge.

Ciao Australia! We're booking flights to NYC stat. Let's just hope we run into a rich widower along the way...

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