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In news directed solely at the gays, Kristen Stewart has joined forces with boygenius

In case there wasn't enough hot gay energy attached to boygenius – Phoebe Bridgers, Julien Baker, Lucy Dacus – and their newly-released sophomore album, The Record, Kristen Stewart has joined forces with the trio to direct a 14-minute short film, The Film, a triptych of the supergroup's music videos. Take a look below.



The album's visual counterpart begins with the single $20, followed by Emily, I'm Sorry and capping things off with True Blue, we see Bridgers, Dacus and Baker doing everything from making blood oaths with younger versions of themselves, to dodging monster trucks.

After months of playing it coy and years of fans begging for more, boygenius dropped their newest album The Record last Friday. The album's name, The Record, titled in jest of the inflated names male so-called "genius" bands give their album.

Given that Stewart is set to make her directorial debut with The Chronology of Waterit's clear she's already looking ahead at adding more directors credits to her belt.

Each highly successful artists in their own right, boygenius got back together in the throes of the pandemic after Bridgers sent a demo to Dacus and Baker asking "Can we be a band again" per Rolling StoneJoining ranks once more granted all three artists, and best friends, the opportunity to do something fun with people they liked.

"There’s a realm in which I feel permitted to be ambitious in this band, in a way that I can’t for my own solo stuff, because it’s something shared with people that I love who are the greatest songwriters ever,” Baker told Rolling Stone in the band's recent cover story. “I feel an uncomplicated pride about it.”

Along with Kristen Stewart, the band has also enlisted the help of Catherine Marks, known for her work with PJ Harvey, and Autolux drummer Carla Azar to make the album, Bridgers having already collaborated with names like The National, Lorde, SZA and Taylor Swift in her solo career.

"I’m able to hire my best friends to travel the world with me," says Bridgers, "and I don’t have any shitty people around anymore".


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Image: stills from The Film.