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Everything we know about the upcoming Blondie documentary, ‘Blondie: Vivir en la Habana’

Blondie documentary

If there's one thing the entertainment and film industry understands clearly, it's our love for music documentaries. Whether the focus lands on the artists and creatives themselves or looks more broadly at their impact on the industry. We are always eager, waiting and ready; particularly when these documentaries provide a look back at some of music's biggest moments. The latest addition to this lengthy lineup does exactly that – with a new, feature-length Blondie documentary set to hit our screens later this year.

Titled Blondie: Vivir en la Habanathe film will share an intimate look at Debbie Harry and the rest of the band's legendary trip to Cuba. Throughout their trip and the documentary, the exchange of politics between NYC and Havana will be explored; as well as touching on the influence and collaboration with Cuban musicians.

The band were invited to Havana, Cuba in 2019; as part of an opportunity to perform and collaborate with local musicians as part of a cultural exchange programme. As we learn through the documentary, travelling to Cuba was a decades-long dream for Blondie; particularly its founding member and guitarist Chris Stein. With this in mind, the sentiment behind the documentary holds a new value.

Although the footage from the upcoming project is still limited, the documentary has been described so far as a “dream-like” portrait of the new wave group’s first experience in Havana. Shot on 16mm and 8mm film, we'll also hear narration from Harry, Stein, and drummer Clem Burke.

In addition to reliving the band's individual performances throughout the trip, it will also capture collaborative showcases performances with Cuban musicians, capturing the “magical exchange between musicians from the two cities each call home and their intertwined influence."

Directed by Rob Roth; the documentary has transformed from a short film into a feature film. Blondie: Vivir en la Habana will have its UK premiere at Sheffield Doc Fest in early June; but while we wait for an Australian release date, you can enjoy the action-packed teaser below.

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