A public service announcement: the straw hat is back


I'm going to call it. The straw hat is back. But in my heart of hearts I truly believe – did it really go anywhere?

When we divide and conquer what makes a hat, a good hat, from adequate shielding of the sun to covering its base in sweat safety and breathable headwear; surely the farmers, desert dwellers, cowboys and Hawaiians had the right idea?

This spring, or perhaps for every spring now on for that matter – put your bucket and baseball caps aside and opt in for a classic. We love to spotlight brands that have been doing it forever; look no further than the handcrafted raffia from Australia's very own Helen Kaminski, for example, or a cowboy classic from those that pioneered the West wearing a Stetson.

Whether it's desert palm or woven straw, basket weaved or braided – RUSSH have rounded up our favourites for you here. As we enter the world of betweenness and those of "trans-season", we offer you a round up of hats that will last you more than a lifetime. Something that is chic whether you're 14 or 62 – for now, the straw hat remains underrated and we are here in hope to shed some much needed light.

So below, as the days start to warm up and the sun bats its heat a little longer, RUSSH rounds up the best straw hats for you to covet for the 2021 spring and summer seasons, below.


Stetson Square Straw Cowboy Hat

best straw hats 2021



Saint Laurent Woven Straw Honolulu Hat

best straw hats 2021



Helen Kaminski Belen Hat



Will And Bear River Sand Hat

best straw hats 2021



Lack Of Colour Western Desert Palma Hat



Morgan & Taylor Fern Cowboy Hat

best straw hats 2021



Jason Aldean Mens Amarillo Sky Palm Leaf Cowboy Hat



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