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A case for silver jewellery – the unique pieces we’re obsessing over right now

The dance between metals is not a new one. We pledge our allegiance to gold, just for silver to catch our eye seasons later. Occasionally others enter the fray, remember when rose gold had a run? But as we've learned, whether your prefer cool or warm metals, the decision is deeply personal.

We've spoken before about the shift to silver pieces. The transition was (probably) in reaction to the persistent trend of layering gold necklaces, and an upswing in yellow jewellery that mirrored ancient relics and unearthed treasures (see: Alighieri, Mondo Mondo, Pamela Love and Cleopatra's Bling).

We have room in our hearts for both. But as silver sits pride of place in our jewelry box, we thought it best to share a selection of pieces we're eyeing off right now. There are the longtime favourites, Tiffany & Co.'s Elsa Peretti Bone Cuff is a perennial pick, as are the paired-back designs of Givenchy. And we don't see the grip bulbous heart-shaped pendants have on our feeds slackening any time soon.

A new wave of jewellers are emerging too, dispatching unique designs that sit outside the usual format of very fine, very fragile silver pieces. Whether that's Australian-born London-based artist Rebekah Kosonen Bide or Elza White, another jeweller from the UK known for her molten, futuristic oddities.


REBEKAH KOSONEN BIDE Love is a (Medium) Thing Physical on The Standard Curdled Chain

silver jewellery


ALIGHIERI Taurus Sterling Silver Ring 


ZOHRA RAHMAN Calendula Earrings

silver jewellery


Tiffany & Co Elsa Peretti Sterling Silver Mesh Tie Scarf

ELZA WHITE Tied Heart and Bubble Rings


Givenchy Silver Lock Earrings


MONDO MONDO Infatuation Necklace

silver jewellery


Swarovski Hyperbola Pendant


SOPHIE BUHAI Medium Circle Link Bracelet

silver jewellery




RUI Silver Spiral Earrings


TIFFANY & CO. Elsa Peretti Bone Cuff


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