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11 of our favourite rug brands to soften your living spaces

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If you believe the idea that rugs are intended to mimic the softness of the earth, of grass and moss, then it is fair to say that no home is complete without one. Too often overlooked and underestimated, rugs have the power to anchor a space and inject it with warmth. They're a source of comfort, for our pets (if they're allowed) and for ourselves, and in many cases they can add a touch of luxury to an otherwise austere home.

So if you're in need of a new rug or are simply seeing what's out there, below we've rounded up 11 of the best rug brands to know.


1. Armadillo


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Is there any other place to start besides Armadillo, the first Australian rug company to achieve B Corp Certification status? Spurred on by a desire to resist throwaway culture, Armadillo uses only natural materials and energy-efficient processes in the creation of its rugs. Preferring to keep things simple, Armadillo rugs arrive in neutral swatches and are textured and robust underfoot, evoking a sense of calm in your living spaces.


2. Lahandira

For those whose rug fantasies are filled with kilims and textiles weaved by Berber communities, then if you find yourself in Marrakech (or aren't fazed by a sizeable shipping fee) Lahandira is your new go-to. Run by Ismail Bassisi, Lahandira sources and sells one-off authentic pieces, from the luxurious sheep-wool styles produced by the Beni Ourain people in the Atlas Mountains to vintage Moroccan carpets and runners with vibrant hues and intricate motifs.


3. Mush Studios NYC


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The rise of Mush Studios has been a swift, if-you-blink-you'll-miss-it kind of scenario. Conjured up in late 2020, when the pandemic-interior boom had just began to ferret its way into our homes, Mush began as a therapeutic hobby for its creators Jacob Winter and Franki Peroff during quarantine. It's since grown legs of its own, the melted, swirly designs gracing the pastel homes of Instagram influencers the world over. With more time to establish a vision, Mush is gravitating away from its colourful origins and bringing us more neutral-toned styles, and we're hopping along for the ride.


4. Zouzou Rugs


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Zouzou Rugs has amassed a cult following in recent years, an infuriating fact if you're one of the hoards of people attempting to snatch up any of its extremely limited designs—we're talking fifteen per drop. Although, we can overlook this minor detail in the name of the environment. Based in Melbourne and made in India, zouzou looks to modernist paintings and European design to inspire its neutral, silvery, geometric prints.

5. Proba Homa


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Everything German-born multidisciplinary artist Alex Proba touches turns to gold. Be it her sculptural soy wax candles or tactile pillowcases, if it's joyful pops of colour you seek then Proba Home knows how to double down on visual impact. Using high quality wool or bamboo silk, each rug is hand-tufted in India to elicit a unique stacked effect.


6. Cold Picnic


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An interiors project led by Brooklyn-based couple Phoebe Sung and Peter Buer, both with backgrounds in corporate fashion and the Fine Arts. Textiles is merely a format for both Sung and Buer's interests to coalesce, offering a mix of bath mats, towels, blankets, and pillows on top of their rug and runner selection. Cold Picnic are transparent about their supply chain, wastage, process and politics with it all laid out clearly on their website. Which is a bonus, because we think their rugs are pretty cute.


7. Okej


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Modernity and vintage collide at Okej, a small design studio based in Utah. While its rug offering is limited to a grand total of seven pieces, all of which riff on its beloved 'Squiggle' style, Okej is a versatile inclusion for any space thanks to its simple design. Each rug is made in Sweden and available in moss green, cloud blue, black, specked, cream, and pink.


8. Pampa

Working with communities of skilled artisans in rural Argentina, Pampa provides an outlet for the local knowledge of weaving to be passed on. Pampa itself, is a term that means "plain between the mountains" in the local Indigenous Quechua language, a metaphor for bridging two cultures. Each collection is firmly rooted in a sense of place and so, is named after the location it was crafted. Rugs are weaved from Argentinian sheep's wool and come in natural hues with organic patterns.


9. nanimarquina


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A long-standing favourite among interior stylists. Nanimarquina is a continuation of the creative legacy left behind by the co-founders father, Rafael Marquina, who invented the Marquina oil cruet—an iconic piece of Spanish design. Still to this day, the brand is family-owned and run, and is currently managed by the second generation. Here you'll find an array of rugs hand-tufted by weavers in India, Nepal, and Pakistan, arriving with a Spanish sensibility in earthy tones of terracotta, raw sienna, yellow ochre and terre verte.


10. Ugly Rugly


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If you've found yourself gripped by the kitschy, colourful interior trends spurred on by a mix of Instagram, Memphis design and our Nordic pals, then Ugly Rugly is your match made in interior heaven. Helmed by a couple based in Bushwick, Brooklyn, Ugly Rugly began as a passion project in 2017, when Lauren Hansen began to make homewares from unconventional weaving techniques. Each rug is hand tufted with a goal of injecting your living spaces with a bit of silliness and joy.


11. Double Rugs


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Double Rugs are Australia's first patented machine-washable rugs, and offer an incredible versatile collection of timeless and trendy options to compliment both retro and contemporary interiors. Their new 'Checks' collection straddles both statement piece and new neutral, livening up maximalist interiors with a mid-century twist.


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