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Moodboarding – the Instagram accounts that ‘RUSSH’ editor-in-chief Jess Blanch follows for inspiration

We can't seem to get enough interior inspiration on Instagram. Our desire for new and wonderful accounts to follow is insatiable. As such, whenever we have a chance to raid the Instagram feeds of our favourite creatives, we do so with ardour.

For this dose of interior inspiration, editor-in-chief and creative vision behind RUSSH, Jess Blanch is giving us a look inside her carefully curated Instagram feed. Her most treasured accounts range from vintage French minimalism all the way to new wave art. Below, you'll find her favourites.



Architectural designers and furniture sellers out of France, I look to this feed not just for rare and beautiful objects but for a clear education on the design origins of iconic pieces. I love the slightly off-kilter edit and their minimalist moodboard. Sesann sofas and Soriana armchairs for days.




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Not only is he one of my favourite artists, but gradient-minded Sydney based Jonny Niesche is also an expert curator. From the greats such as Ettore Spalleti and Rupprecht Geiger to modern contemporary artists like the local Huseyin Sami, this is a special look inside his light filled world.

I like every image. I am potentially his biggest fan.




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Almost too good to share, sendb00ks is my daily tap into literary history. It is basically a very select library run by model and collector Gemma Janes, who invites us to sign up as a reader to receive a monthly book that arrives with a personal, handwritten note. If a monthly commitment feels too much (although from my perspective a good stack is more important to an interior than any chair) then this is the place to find that special edition from the 70s when cover art was a study in typography. 




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Remember when Instagram was just a visual moodboard? No lobbying or sponsored posts. Sophie Pinet from French AD (Architectural Digest) has kept hers exactly that. A unique lens on the rare and breathtaking, you’ll love this if an old Range Rover makes you smile as much as a glimpse of Hermes’ Tokyo headquarters designed by Renzo Piano.



Have you ever wondered why there are so few women in architecture you can name off the top of your head? My frustration with this led me to search for celebrated women in the field and as such as I stumbled on this feed. It has since been a great source for research. Simply scroll the highlights for the names you should know but maybe don’t. 




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I’m very anti tablescaping or food shots unless of course they are done by artist/chef Laila Gohar. Executed with unbelievable precision, her food installations are beyond witty and always unexpected. It’s true, I’m instantly going to love anyone who turns 100 pounds of potato chips into art but besides this it’s her spartan arrangements of the mundane that inspire my own tables and plates on the daily. 


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