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Soaking it in: Here is a round up of all the best beaches in Australia for your visiting pleasure

best australian beaches 2022

With El Niña finally winding down for the season, we're starting to see the sunshine in the latter half of summer. We're longing for a day out lounging in the sun with our book and bottle of sparkling. The only thing that's left now is to find the perfect little patch of sand to throw our beach towel over. Tourism Australia has done us a solid and outlined natures best, including the spots within easy reach of the cities. So without further adieu, we give you the 2022 list of all the best Australian beaches you have to visit.

1. Misery Beach, Albany WA


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This title is certifiably misleading. There is nothing miserable about this beach at all! The top spot goes to this pocket of heaven that looks straight from a post card. Known for its crystal clear waters, white sand and surrounded by an exceptional granite landscape. You'll find beachcombers here, swimming and kayaking in the luscious surrounds. The perfect day out!


2. Horseshoe Bay, South West Rocks, NSW

In the second spot we have Horse Shoe bay, with picturesque picnic spots and holiday cabins, it’s just a short stroll from the small coastal village of South-West Rocks. Here you can immerse yourself in rainforest walks, mountains to climb and many more great beaches here within a short drive. Surfboards are essential for your day wading over the waves.


3. The Spit, Gold Coast, QLD


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Queensland as usual always provides the goods. The Seaway Promenade sitting atop The Spit provides a wide, 670 m long accessible pathway, allowing for all visitors access to the eastern end of the southern Seaway wall with 360 views of the fabulous Gold Coast skyline. Whether your out for a family coastal walk, or going for a late summer splash , The Spit has something spectacular to offer.


4. Flaherty’s Beach, Yorke Peninsula, SA


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Displaying pristine turquoise waters and powder white sand, we feel as if we are living our French Riviera dreams. This obnoxiously expansive stretch of water is beloved by locals and tourists alike. The paddle safe waters can stretch as far as some 800m into the wide blue ether, bring your pup to have a little splash.


5. Loch Ard Gorge, Port Campbell, VIC


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We know our friends in Victoria don't always get the best rep when it comes to beaches. But this beach is one of the great stops along the picturesque Great Ocean Road. Positioned deep beneath the towering coast of Port Campbell National Park, this is one of the country's most magnificent beaches, a breathtaking sandy nook surrounded by dipped cliffs and aqua-jewelled waters. Come for the views, due to these wild and freezing waters this isn't always the safest beach for swimming.


6. The Neck, Bruny Island, TAS


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Tasmania i known for many things, great food, great wine and museums and as it turns out one of the best beaches on the continent.  This phenomenal island oasis, is a pieces of Tassie history, offering lush beach escapes and significant history into First Nations culture . The stretch of beach runs about 7km in radius, connecting North and South Bruny Islands, and providing stunning views for your socials.


7. Blue Pearl Bay, Whitsundays, QLD


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Bringing all the Mediterranean vibes this Whitsundays wonder is the perfect provision for any travelling beachcomber. Blue Pearl Bay is one of a select few on Hayman Island’s 8km coast. The coral and marine life in this pristine paradise make it worth the trip alone, with day tours and overnight boats available for visiting Blue Pearl Bay and for snorkelling and scuba diving.


8. Depot Beach, South Coast, NSW


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Depot Beach’s many splendours include a tiny two street village, quaint cabins and camping by the beach, if you're into coastal rainforest walks and expansive stretches for swimming and great snorkelling this is the one for you.


9. Murrays Beach, Jervis Bay Territory, ACT/NSW


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Jervis Bay is known to be one of Australia's most naturally pristine beaches. With arguably Australia’s whitest sand the beach offers relatively safe swimming conditions for all locals and tourists. Nearby, you’ll find sea caves, a cute boat ramp and rejuvenating bush walking tracks.


10. Dundee Beach, Darwin, NT

Following the themes from the movie it also features a litany of crocs both small and large.  The small coastal nook boasts,  fishing, a public boat ramp, organised fishing charters, a quaint lodge and roving beachfront markets. The surrounding area includes a diverse range of wildlife and habitats, from monsoon forests and savannah woodlands and mangroves.


11. Dudley Beach, Newcastle, NSW


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One of Newcastle’s best kept secrets. But with its wide-open spaces, long sparkling beaches and abundant green foreshore, there’s plenty for all here to enjoy. Dudley Beach is the ideal escape for walking, sunbathing and exploring.


12. Thompsons Beach, Cobram, Rural, VIC


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Touted by locals to be Australia’s largest inland beach, it’s a peaceful setting amid towering river banks, where the native wild life is often spotted. The perfect weekend paradise for swimming, boating, wakeboarding and picture perfect for picnics.


13. Coogee Beach, Perth, WA


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Not that Coogee, but arguably an even better one. With Rottnest and Garden Islands glazing the horizon, its infamous jetty and summer pontoons, there is a reason Coogee attracts an aggressive amount of tourists. Relish in the dazzling turquoise waters!


14. Mots Beach, Marlo, VIC


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Where the famous Snowy River greets the Great Southern Ocean, we have Mots Beach. While swimming here is popular, the beach proper makes for the perfect low tide in knee deep paddle. A spectacular landscape of Australian natural wonder. This falls to the traditional lands of the Gunai Kurnai people, requiring respect for all flora and fauna, particularly in the National Park nearby.


15. Alexandria Bay, Noosa, QLD


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We can thank our friends at Queensland for housing one of the few "free beaches" in Australia. Alexandria Bay rates high on the clothing free beaches in the world. While not known for being clothing optional we applaud the authorities for allowing this, the beach also includes an especially large LGBTQIA+ following.


16. Emu Bay, Kangaroo Island, SA


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Known as Australia’s third largest island, it is brimming with luscious wilderness. But it’s the 50 surrounding beaches that make this truly spectacular. It’s a favourite of locals and tourists alike, beloved for its dunes, swathes of fine white sand, safe swimming conditions and historic fixtures, like its jetty, built over a century ago.


17. Lake Wabby, K’Gari (Fraser Is), QLD


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Recently reissued its official name, K’gari (pronounced ‘Gari’) meaning ‘Paradise’ in First Nations’ Butchulla language.  Fraser Island a UN World Heritage site, known as the world’s highest and largest sand enclosed island. The surrounding Lake Wabby waters are mild all year round, with the lakes slowly being eaten away by the sand drift of the East. A truly magnificent splendour, worthy of a day trip visit.


18. Congwong Beach, Sydney, NSW


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Yes, it's true there is a wide selection of other beaches in the southern Sydney urban vicinity, but it's this south-facing expanse that is the cleanest, and most crowd friendly, particularly during peak seasons. Not to mention it houses over 30 Aboriginal sites in the National Park, including rock art and engravings.


19. Jellybean Pool, Blue Mountains, NSW

Known to be one of the top swimming spots in the wide ether of the Blue Mountains National Park. Whether its locals or out of town folk, this spot is always crawling in the summer months. Come for the shoulder season to get the most out of the pools.


20. Ethel Beach, Christmas Island, IOT


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While most commonly known for its highly contentious detention facilities. It's natural splendour is certainly not to be forgotten. Ethel Beach is fringed by lush, over-hanging, tropical fauna, its tropical waters are ideal for snorkelling or swimming. Plus the addition of a boat ramp that leads from the car park to the beach.


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