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Burning the midnight oil: Beare Park’s resort 23 show was a nod to late-night decadence

beare park aafw resort 23

When Beare Park creative director Gabriella Pereira put the entirety of the Australian fashion industry in a collective chokehold at her debut AAFW 2021 show, we knew there and then the best was yet to come. In the last year, Beare Park's instantly recognisable silhouettes have quietly weaved their way into the wardrobes of women across the country and beyond. If you're wondering what the key to Beare Parks success is, there's really no one answer. The undeniable truth is that Pereira and the talented team that stand alongside her simply 'get' the modern woman. One whose style is not dictated by trends, who values sustainability and mindful supply chains and curates the pieces in her wardrobe considerately and with longevity – for both the planet and aesthetic – in mind.

Beare Park isn't a minimalist fashion label capitalising on the world's increasing obsession with elevated wardrobe staples (although there is certainly a place for that too). In fact, if there's only one thing you take away from the brand's AAFW resort 23 collection, it's that Beare Park is here to signal the rediscovery of decadence. A harmonious creation of 31 different looks floating down the runway, crafted from indulgent fabrics and presented in luminescent colour palette, resort 23 was an astute nod to the long forgotten midnight hour. A return to celebration and euphoria met with a sense of relief – the feeling of star lit walks home from time spent with friends.

Moments of sequinned mini skirts and sheer one-sleeve column dresses found their place symbiotically amongst the masterful tailoring and relaxed silhouettes the brand has become known for. An acknowledgement that day and night never have to be too far apart.

A touch of darker glamour that echoes the duality of the moody, yet bright cities at night, Beare Park's resort 23 collection evoked an unmatched sense of decadent optimism. Ahead of the show, we caught up with Pereira on the success of the last 12 months, the inspiration for the new collection, and building a sustainably focussed brand.

It’s been almost one year since your debut collection at AAFW 2021. In what ways has Beare Park grown in the last 12 months?

I think we have settled into our aesthetic which celebrates the confident art of getting dressed for the everyday. Beare Park aims to present decadent optimism and we have continued to develop tailoring as a core component of our collection whilst adding a touch of darker glamour. We’ve launched global wholesale and will soon be part of our first oversees market in Paris. Every day I feel we grow more, and it’s just such a pleasure to be on the journey.

As you return to the physical runway for the second year as an emerging brand, what is it that continues to draw you back to this platform?

I think the notion of celebration surrounding a show and the physical energy in the room is so exciting. The digital space is still very relevant as we can reach so many through the social media of our guests, but this year, and for this collection, I felt so inspired by a need for physicality that it felt natural to be honouring that in person. Also as a new brand, announcing our existence to a growing audience through a AAFW show has been very valuable to us.

Tell me a bit about Resort 23 – what has inspired this collection?

We feel the collection is inspired by a rediscovery of decadence, found in indulgent fabrics and a luminescent colour palette. It is an ode to the evening delivered through luminous fabrics, reminiscent of the soft light of the moon in relaxed silhouettes. A return to celebration, euphoria met with a sense of relief – star lit walks home from time with friends.

What has been the most memorable/special moment throughout designing this collection?

The collaboration with our show stylist Nichhia Wippell has been the greatest joy. Nichhia is extremely talented, and I have loved seeing her interpret the collection and bring our pieces to life on the runway. Especially with the added elements of the beautiful hats we have created in collaboration with Australian heritage brand Helen Kaminski and jewellery from Jasmin Sparrow which were featured in the show. Finding the people around us that inspire and fit in with our values has become so important.

After the success of last year’s show, what intentions did you set for this show?

We have prioritised the continuation of our commitment to our ethical supply chain and the growth of the sustainability arm of the brand through innovative fabrications and production strategies.We also launched our online store and have begun selling to our first wholesale stockists. Both of which were milestone moments for us as a young brand. I feel the show will increase our visibility in this area, and that has been a key driver alongside the desire to celebrate!

Slow production is engrained in the foundations of Beare Park. As the industry moves towards more sustainable practices, what role does fashion week play in the way we consume fashion?

I think the recognition of trendless styling and the celebration of high quality, lasting investment pieces which are made in Australia through fashion week is incredibly important. I think an awareness of the importance of Australian made and the departure from wasteful short-lived trends is rising in a very meaningful way.

How do you play with features like tailoring, texture and silhouettes to create pieces that are both reliable and well-made, but still hold their own?

I think it comes down to the detailed execution of each garment and the chosen fabrications. Every detail in a Beare Park garment is considered. From the custom engraved buttons, to searching the world for the perfect shoulder pad (until we decided to develop our own), to the selection of the world’s most premium wool and silk fabrications. I think it is these deliberate decisions when we design and construct a classic garment that set our pieces apart.

What have been your biggest learnings since launching your brand?

I have learnt that the brand is surrounded by extremely talented, hard working and intelligent individuals who are a joy to collaborate with. The notion of collaboration doesn’t necessarily come naturally to me, but I have loved enriching what the brand stands for by creating a Beare Park community.

See all the looks from the show below.

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