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L’IDÉE WOMAN brings the magic to its AAFW 2022 show

There's a certain indistinguishable energy that is shared when a sea of colour erupts down the runway at Afterpay Australian Fashion Week. It's a vibrancy that – in contrast to the gloomy, rainy weather that surrounded Carriageworks for much of the week – inspired and energised AAFW-goers as the week that was slowly came to a close. The show in question? Breeana Smith and Iuliia Ievdokymenko L’IDÉE WOMAN, a brand that has continuously captured the form, function and desires of the spirited Australian woman since inception.

Inspired by the art of pleating on the female form, L’IDÉE WOMAN masterfully manipulates fabric into beautiful folds to create silhouettes and garments that are romantic, alluring and functional. The colours are vibrant but the silhouettes undeniably classic – the true magic occurring when the light catches the fabric in a certain way and the movement of each fold takes on a life of its own.

Ahead of the L’IDÉE WOMAN AAFW 2022 show, we sat down with co-founder Breeana Smith for an inside look into the collection.

Congratulations on L’IDÉE WOMAN being announced as one of the closing shows for this year’s AAFW. What has the process preparing for the show been like and where did the preparation begin?

Thank you! We are so excited by the opportunity. The process has been really enjoyable, we began back in January, sound boarding collection ideas, colour palette and range direction… we built this all with the show in mind. Our team works across three countries, so it’s been really inspiring collating everyone’s input to create a show that feel is innovative and exciting.

Tell me a bit about the inspiration behind the collection – how does Magnifique continue the sentiment behind the L’IDÉE WOMAN?

Magnifique (*French) translates to Magnificent.

L’IDÉE is a concept brand that explores the art of pleating on the female form, we are transfixed by the magic that transpires when light dances on pleats. This collection sets a tone of drama and allure through colour and movement

Living overseas and being exposed to a different market, what stands out about the Australian industry and our approach to fashion?

Australian fashion is iconic, customers are very loyal and connect with brands on a level I haven’t seen mirrored in other countries. Brands and consumers are innovative, progressive and conscious. There is a huge connect to cult fashion labels in Australia, falling in that middle market… it’s really encouraging for emerging designers. I also feel there is a sense of ease and lightness about the Australian industry, I suppose this is rather reflective of Australian culture.

How do you hope people feel after watching the L’IDÉE WOMAN show at AAFW?

Alive and Magnificent! We hope that inspiration and excitement reign supreme after the show, the colour palette is electric, the soundtrack is upbeat and fun… much like the collection itself. We are so happy to be partnering with Maybelline Makeup Director, Jade Kisnorbo and Leading Australian Hair Stylist and Co-Creative Director of ELEVEN Australia, Joey Scandizzo for the Runway Show, they make everyone look magnificent!

What are you most excited for in 2022 and what can we expect from L’IDÉE WOMAN?

This year we launch the brand globally. We have partnered with some leading international retailers. With all the heaviness that has dictated the last few years, we are starting to see a shift in sentiment, a new era where we desire to express our most desirable selves again. Fashion will forever be a platform to honour the art of self-expression. L’IDÉE WOMAN will continue to explore the art of pleating on the female form.

You can see moments from the full show, below.

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