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Be enchanted one more time: behind the scenes of Gucci Showtime

“I think they’re doing this homage to like old MGM. The movies and such. Oh my god.”

Just in case you had forgotten how epic the Gucci Showtime SS 19 campaign was, we're here to remind you with a behind the scenes glimpse into the circus of show business. Giving some air time to the crew who put the whole spectacle together, the clip gives us a tongue in cheek insight into not only the technical processes behind the jaw-dropping campaign clip, but also the often challenging dynamics of a film set. From bored co-stars, clueless crew (our favourite line being “It’s a Gushy, sorry Gucci commercial as far as I can tell. Not sure.”) and a sense of absurdity at every turn, the three-minute long clip is a light hearted delight. The level of planning and stress needed to pull off such an intricate production is also revealed, with men and woman climbing everywhere trying to get it done, with quips such as “Today was at least three or four years off my life, just today alone” aplenty.

We are reminded of each individual that makes up the whole extravaganza, as they come weaving in and out of the backstage set. Tap dancing men in colourful sweaters joyfully pitter patter down a dark back alley. A mime sits poignantly listening to his music. Ladies in maid uniforms, men in dance outfits and a gang of lads in yellow suits and superhero masks pass by in an anachronistic fashion - is this dream or reality?