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Adorn your bookshelf with Bang & Olufsen’s Beosound Emerge

The latest piece of technology on our list of coveted items comes courtesy of Bang & Olufsen. Introducing the Beosound Emerge, a creation designed by Benjamin Hubert of Design Agency LAYER - coming to stores in October 2021.

The Beosound Emerge is a home speaker like you've never seen. It has a slim silhouette, one that has been designer to sit seamlessly on any bookshelf or adorning a credenza. But don't be fooled into thinking its elegant appearance mean the technology has come second. A perfect balance of technical performance and expert craftsmanship, this speaker has the beauty of an interior object but combined with the expert sound experience of a speaker.

Designer Benjamin Hubert sought to create a piece of tech that could hold its own alongside the carefully curated objects in beautiful homes. If your initial reaction was to think the Beosound Emerge looks more like a book than a speaker, know this was the goal. The side panels wrap around the device just as the cover of a book would. Then, the front is marked with Bang & Olufsen’s logo, reminiscent of the spine of a book featuring an author’s name. . The slim and sculpted design allows this speaker to sit alongside your books and blend seamlessly into the surrounds.

The materials too take inspiration from our beloved interior objects. The Beosound Emerge in Gold Tone features an oak wood cover that wraps around the woven Kvadrat textile on its spine. There's also a high-grade aluminium Black Anthracite finish with a pearl-blasted grill for those that prefer darker tones.

As for the sound, the design enables a full-range sound experience from a slender form. Bang & Olufsen’s acoustic engineers worked to achieve a sound dispersion wide enough to fill the room with sound, all the while keep a stylish form. The impressive low frequency range comes courtesy of the built-in active room compensation technology. This also allows a customisation of the sound design for the placement of the speaker in your room, ensuring a flawless sound experience in every listening environment.



“The vision for Beosound Emerge was to create the slimmest speaker possible that could still deliver full range, ultra-wide sound despite its size through its revolutionary driver configuration. Whether placed on a bookshelf in the bedroom or a tight corner of the kitchen, Beosound Emerge’s slim design allows you to extend your music to a new room or complement an existing speaker in the same area without taking up extra space.” says Christoffer Poulsen, senior vice president and head of product management at Bang & Olufsen.

“As a studio, we like to build long-term partnerships with the brands we work with and Beosound Emerge is our second collaboration with Bang & Olufsen. The super slim speaker has been designed to minimise the physical footprint and maximise the audio output as a response to the real estate in people’s homes being at an unprecedented premium.

"At LAYER, we believe that technology should enable happiness but doesn’t necessarily need to be an expression in its own right, so it was equally important for us to create a new architectural format with a strong sculptural sensibility and a more domestic material palette that will stand out in the saturated audio market while seamlessly fitting into the home”, says Benjamin Hubert, founder of LAYER.

The Beosound Emerge is available from October 2021 at Bang & Olufsen  $1050.


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