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Celebrating 25 years of Britney Spears ‘Baby One More Time’ in style

Celebrating its 25th anniversary, Baby One More Time stands as one of the worlds most iconic music videos and songs in history. Released in 1998, it not only was a transformative moment in Britney Spears' career, moving her from the Mickey Mouse Club days to Grammy nominated artist, but further redefined the pop genre, that undeniably impacted the avenue for future songstresses.

Opening with a distinctive keyboard riff that sparked the genesis of todays most celebrated pop-star, paving the way for the unparalleled legacy of Britney Spears, that since nothing comes comparable to such a song. Beyond her legendary music video, her school girl outfit became an instant pop of iconography that Spears came up with herself. Where her style goes beyond the screen, with her street style basing of cropped tops with quippy comebacks and flared glamour, that later lead to futuristic leather fits, as seen in her later music video Oops! I did it again. Scandalous thought outfit choices at its time, was what set her as not only the Princess of Pop but the Princess of the Y2K style, characterising the looks of the early 90's to 2000's. She's an icon, and a legend that todays generations have found a new love and respect for, because who hasn't dreamt about dressing as her iconic 'Baby one more time' persona for Halloween?

The infamous school girl ensemble features a neatly white tied up shirt paired with a grey cardigan, complemented by a black mini skirt and grey knee high socks. Elevating this outfit to its recognisable status, are the two pink pom poms that sit at the top of Spears braided pony tails. It was subversive in the most feasible way possible, that acted as a clear solidification to the public that Britney Spears was no longer in her Disney era. The hit single was a teen-pop resurgence, debunking and exposing the of the times senseless thoughts of 'girls don't sell records'. As historical and monumental this song is, it's also a plain down right banger, that you best believe if I hear this song, I'm going to need to hear it more than one time.

In honour of Baby One More Time turning 25, we're looking back at Britney Spears legendary looks in her music video, and where you too can replicate the looks of the Pop Princess.


The School Girl


St Agni Black Mini Skirt

Viktoria and Woods Pilates Skirt

MATTEAU White Shirt

COS White Shirt

ASOS Over the Knee Socks

Miu Mia Leather Pumps

Charles and Kieth Mary Janes

Cotton On Pom Pom Hair Ties

Pink TrackSuit

Alive Bandeau Bra

Aje Athletica Pink Sports Bra

ADIDAS Original Tracksuit

Aje Athletica Tracksuit



Yellow Tracksuit

Realisation Par Yellow The Bijou Top

ADIDAS Original Tracksuit

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