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Baby come back: the reported return of Phoebe Philo

In recent news, a whisper of hope has emerged in the form of a rumour that Phoebe Philo, pioneer of the ‘by women, for women’ fashion movement and former creative director of Céline, is reportedly working on her own eco-driven womenswear line.

A WWD report, which cites “multiple sources on both sides of the Atlantic”, reports that Philo had been working on her own line ever since she was at Chloé in 2006, but held off due to budget restrictions. This alleged collection would be her own, with an eco and essentials focus.

We are trying to keep our cool at the possibility that Philo could be making a comeback (with a sustainable focus, no less), as there have been previous rumours of her alleged return following Chanel and Burberry appointments in 2019. The idea that the woman with a fan club of self-described ‘Philophiles’ is making personally-appointed return from her sabbatical is quite something.

Philo’s renowned minimalistic and considered aesthetic won the hearts of women over a decade ago with her enduring silhouettes and clean lines. Her departure from the house in 2017 resulted in a collective panic, particularly as she had no plans on going anywhere else. Now, with the prospect of her own brand launch on the horizon, don’t mind us aggressively saving our pennies in anticipation of the day it comes, if it ever does.