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The holiday reads series: On erotica

From the RUSSH holiday reads series: Contributing Editor Anna Harrison on finding sensuality in “emotion, hunger, desire, lust, whims, caprices, personal ties … flavour, rhythms, intensities”.

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The Stone Roses, Sydney Opera House

Big jeans, bomber jackets, mussed-up hair and messed-up Manchester attitudes. The 80s psych-rock band who could care less; the original Oasis, who rode the success of only two albums to iconic heights and stuck their flag there, are back. The Stone Roses will return to Australia for the first time since their reunion tour five years ago with, unbelievably, new material. The gold road’s sure a long road, they sang – and they meant it.


Cass Bird

Somewhere on a spectrum of softness and strength, of vulnerability and brazen truth, photographer Cass Bird’s images capture more than just a moment.

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PET Series at National Sawdust, NY

PET is a salute to the ladies, “the kind of badass women able to speak their mind and show their perspective equally” say Cara Stricker and Madeline O’Moore, co-founders of the project that aims to “redefine femininity”.

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Anna-Wili Highfield: The Owl Scarf

The owl: searing eyes, dappled feathers, haunting nocturnal presence, and artist Anna-Wili Highfield’s latest obsession. Her 3D animal sculptures are all about capturing the energy, movement and essence of the enchanting creatures they represent, and now they’re wearable.

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Bartolomeo Celestino at Olsen Irwin, Sydney

The ocean, without orientation by shore or horizon, is a perennial shape shifter – a thing of constant of flux – living, morphing, never repeating. Without context or bearing, the surface landscape of the sea becomes whatever the moment tells us it is – an abstraction of nature disjunct from its typical frame of reference. Art photographer Bartolomeo Celestino has been revisiting a particular spot on Sydney’s coast with his large-format camera and pointing its lens at the vastness below, day in, day out, for years.