Devendra Banhart

There is big beauty in small things, in words that sit alone and pictures that hover like distant galaxies in the quiet abyss of a broad canvas. The boldest statements are sometimes spoken in whispers, the loudest explosions are sometimes the ones we hear deep in the cavity of our own heart.


Caroline de Maigret

caroline de maigret

She’s an enigma of sorts; an aristocrat with an attitude – and a world – all of her own making. This is Caroline de Maigret: model, muse, music producer, mother. In exactly the reverse order. A woman of intense presence, of cultivated intelligence, and of pulverising beauty.


The Art of Fun Issue. We interview Lou Doillon

Lou Doillon

Lou Doillon is what you might call an instinctual artist, tearing strips off her heart to see what’s there is just her natural process. Hers is an existence of melancholy and euphoria, ever searching, giving, growing. It’s where the shadows lie and the light gets in.