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Hermès launches Apple Watch Series 8, a playful homage to its equestrian heritage

Apple Watch Hermès Series 8.

Hermès has launched its latest range of Apple Watch accessories, with the House’s new pieces inspired by its equestrian heritage and providing a lighthearted touch to the design of the accessories. The Apple Watch Hermès Series 8 includes a playful watchface and refined straps for those wanting to combine their technological prowess with luxury goods. 

What is included in the Apple Watch Hermès Series 8 range?

The Lucky Horse Face Apple Watch combines the House’s equestrian heritage with an apple and a horseshoe in a playful blend. The colours on the face and be changed depending on the wearers mood, and when the clock strikes 10:10, the hand form a harness on the horse’s head.

In a fun twist, while in Always-On mode, the face of the horse will darken and share a friendly wink – a call to wearers that it may be time for some rest. 

Apple Watch Hermès Series 8For the new season, the Gourmette band is reimagined through combining leather with a metal chain, inspired by equestrian curb link chains. The chain is hand-welded and hand-polish steel, extending from the leather strap, lending the double tour band a distinctly equestrian charm. For those who would prefer an all-leather version, this is also available in the colour Noir. 

Apple Watch Hermès Series 8Originally conceived in the 1970s, the H en Biais motif has been reinterpreted in the House’s collections on multiple collections across the years, the Apple Watch Series 8 being no different. Here, crafted in Swift calfskin, we see it subtly reproduced on a leather band through 1,300 individual, precise perforations, embodying the sporting spirit and encouraging movement. 

We have multiple colourways available for this optiont. including Gold and Gris Meyer on the Silver stainless-steel case, alongside Bleu de France and Cuivre on the Space Black case. 

And the final offering of the series is the Apple AirTag Hermès, basking in a world of fantasy through dedicated pictograms. 

The Hermès AirTags combine functionality with design, as symbols of the house – bicycles and boats – are printed on the keyring case, concealing the key inside. It is both aesthetically pleasing and playful, ensuring your keys are the best looking in the key bowl. 

When is the Apple Watch Hermès Series 8 available? 

The Apple Watch Hermès Series 8 and Apple AirTag Hermès are now available online. 

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