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Introducing the new vision for Apple Watch Hermès in 2021

Apple's keynote for 2021 naturally included an announcement about what's next for the Apple Watch Hermès collaboration. During the keynote event that happened on September 14, Apple announced the new Series 7 Apple Watch, and with a new Apple Watch, of course comes new additions to Apple Watch Hermès' collaboration - now in its sixth year. Similar to 2020's announcement, this time we also see the partnership move in an exciting new direction with new strap designs - plus new watch faces.

This year we do not have the availability dates just yet. Presently, the Apply website simply lists the Apple Watch Hermès as "available later this year". Whether this is related to the global chip shortage that is currently plaguing the tech sector, who knows. But it's likely we won't be able to add a a new Apple Watch Hermès to our wrists until closer to Christmas.

So, what's new? Well, of course there's been a series of impressive updates to the new Apple Watch Series 7 as a device - including a larger and more advanced display, faster charging, enhance durability and of course the new watchOS 8 software. But, as always, there are a selection of features that exclusively come with Apple Watch Hermès. This year we see a new chainlink double tour strap, an exciting new Circuit H strap single tour with chic, matching watch faces and some new colours in the classic styles.


The Gourmette Double Tour band

This is a totally new direction for the Apple x Hermès partnership. The new Gourmette Double Tour band is a contemporary homage to the iconic Hermès dog collars from the 1930s. The links weave fluidly together in supple Fauve Barénia leather. Playing on the contrast between the raw material and the sophisticated form of a gourmette bracelet to become a chain. The edges are burnished along their entire length - rather than stitched - as well as inside the links.


Circuit H Single Tour leather bands - and new companion watch face

A reference to the iconic Chaîne d’ancre bracelet, the Single Tour Circuit H band is created in Swift calfskin and printed with a pattern of highly graphic overlapping links. These continue onto the watch face itself with a new watch face design exclusive to fit with the Circuit H design. It is available in three colour combinations: Biscuit/Bleu Électrique, Rouge H/noir, and Noir/Bleu Électrique.


New colours to Attelage and Jumping band styles

We see new shades Rouge H and Bleu Lin make an entrance to complement the collection of Attelage bands in the double tour. Then and Hermès classic Orange, and also Lime are introduced to the Single Tour bands range. Still in Swift calfskin. As for the Jumping bands, once again these are in a woven textile with the H Vibration design, and they also introduce Lime and Orange into the range of colourways.


Apple Watch Hermès Series 7 will be available later this season in selected stores in Australia, Canada, China, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, Korea, Mexico, Singapore, Spain, Switzerland, Taiwan, Thailand, the United Arab Emirates, the United Kingdom, and the United States.

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