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Billy Porter makes his directorial debut with heartwarming trans coming of age romcom ‘Anything’s Possible’

anything's possible

Amazon is proving itself to be quite the leading platform in groundbreaking queer content. With Michael Grandage's queer cop film, My Policeman costarring Emma Corrin and Harry Styles due for release later this year as well as hit book to series adaptation, Conversations With Friends making its debut there seems to be no signs of waning support for the community. Now it seems, we can expect more in depth, LGBTQI+ content with Billy Porter joining the ranks with his directorial debut, Anything's Possible; a trans coming of age film helping to make serious changes to the ideas surrounding the culture of conventional romcoms.

What is Anything's Possible about?

The film follows Kelsa [Eva Reign] a Black trans high school senior and Khal [Abubakr Ali] as they navigate challenges while falling in love. In an article with Out, Porter discussed his intention for this film to make serious in roads with wider society on the experience of trans culture.

He told the publication "This is an aspirational story. We’re not here yet. This movie might look foreign to people because we’re not really there yet, but that’s the point. We’re not there yet across the board. We’re there sometimes. We have some cases of this, but it’s not commonplace yet. And my hope is that we can move more towards that".

He went on to advocate this by saying, “I want everybody to feel seen. And I don’t think it’s just trans people because this character stands in proxy for a lot of communities going unseen, being silenced. There are a lot of energies and forces out there right now, trying to erase entire groups of human beings from this planet. It’s not going to work. The answer is ‘no".

The story is an example of how the conventions of love can take on many forms, and giving a space for those smaller communities to explore that has never been more vital.

What do we know about the release of the film?

The film is set to be released on Prime Video on July 22. Until then you can catch a glimpse of the heartwarming film below.



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