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Postcards from Lake Como with Anna Hoang of label, Anna Quan

This dispatch comes sealed with a kiss from Lake Como. After two years of zero travel, Anna Hoang of Anna Quan set out to Milan to spend some time with her Italian mills. In the interest of making the most of her time in Europe, Hoang ventured north to dip her toes in Lake Como, too. From pappardelle at Paper Moon Giardino to the joy of wandering around, Hoang shares her holiday highlights and the destination next on her list.


Tell us a little about your travels through Milan and Lake Como?

I was visiting Milan for a textile fair called Milano Unica to catch up with some of my Italian mills. I also discovered some new suppliers while I was there as 90% of our collections are made up of Italian sourced fabric.

While I was in Italy, I also went to Lake Como to shoot a small campaign in a small village called Varenna (1 hour train ride from Milan) overlooking the water.


Where did you stay? Do you have a favourite hotel or property?

I stayed at the Hotel Excelsior Gallia in Milan and by Italian standards, it is quite minimalist in décor. It has a spa, gym and overlooks the beautiful Milano Centrale station which can take you conveniently on the metro or outside Milan by train.

In Lake Como I stayed at The Hotel Villa Cipressi – which is really lovely and has many levels with a cactus garden, a botanical garden and a breathtaking view of the lake and mountain area.


What was your favourite moment from the trip?

Dipping my toes in the cool water at Lake Como – so refreshing after the heat of Milan!

What sights were on your must-do list?

Lake Como for nature. For shopping, the Quadrilatero d'Oro over the Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II, as it's less crowded and a bit safer from a pick-pocketing perspective. Also of course, the Duomo and if you book in advance, Leonardo Da Vinci's Last Supper tour.


What was the most unforgettable meal you ate?

The pappardelle at Paper Moon Giardino.

anna hoang

What are your favourite things to do on holiday?

I like to take walks in, wander around and take in the local atmosphere and I also love a quick shop!

What’s your perfect travel outfit?

A pair of comfortable sandals, the Colette knit top and stretch cool shorts like the Hayden shorts as they don’t wrinkle.

anna hoang

What three things will you always have in your bag when you travel?

Sunscreen, a mobile phone battery pack, international power adapter.

What is your favourite travel read?

I read books on my phone or audio books as it saves on the weight and storage. I am currently listening to Atomic Habits by James Clear.

anna hoang

What are your travel beauty bag essentials?

Ultra Violette Sunscreen, SkinCeuticals Phloretin CF serum, Charlotte Tilbury Flawless filter and Charlotte Tilbury magic cream.

What spot is next on your holiday list?

NYC – I can’t wait to get back there.

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