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Anna Feller is the new creative director of Albus Lumen’s Société space

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A creative collaboration between two artistic powerhouses. There is nothing more refreshing than witnessing creative minds come together to foster something great, and today, the sentiment rings true with the news that model and entrepreneur Anna Feller has been newly appointed as the creative director of Albus Lumen's Société space in Bondi Beach.

The space, which was was founded by Marina Afonina and her brand Albus Lumen, was always intended to serve as a destination for creativity and collaboration, transforming into a multidisciplinary community that Feller will now sit at the forefront of.

"This space is about bringing the community together again - The space is so neutral with endless opportunities to collaborate with like minded international & local artists, designers, chefs & creatives - I want to bring everyone in and welcome them to the Albus Lumen world." Feller tells us, citing her vision for Société.

It was a natural progression of their relationship, Feller explains: "It happened extremely organically - which I always go with! I had just returned from lockdown in Byron Bay - walked passed the store, had a conversation, which turned into a few more and Voila!" She says, "I have always loved everything Marina does so it will be a treat to work alongside her and open the Société to the people."

Officially opening to the public this week, the space acts like a neural-toned womb, with custom furniture by Jordan Gogos, and will welcome both customers and creatives to view the Ablus Lumen collections and beyond. Created for conversations, ideas, and collaborations to flow, Feller will sit at the helm, overseeing all initiatives to come.

"I’m really excited to breathe some fresh air back into our community and into the world - I am always the Bondi girl wherever I go - so this role is very exciting for me as the postcode for the brand on a global scale means something! Also after years of being in the industry will allow me to showcase some of the many creative talents I have been so lucky to call my friends." She says.

As for inspiration, Feller is looking to "Summer on the horizon, the colour of the sea, silk, old photography books, lichens & seaweeds, always my son, new people and change." And with creative direction in mind? She is of the mindset that "nothing should ever stay the same."

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