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Got plans? How to spend a weekend at home with Anna Feller

The beach at midnight, afternoon cocktails and the best of local knowledge, all in Moncler Fragment. Here, Anna Feller spends a weekend the best way she knows how.

anna feller rings

"Keeping warm after the icy waters."

anna feller beanie

"My nook, aka home sweet home in Bondi."

anna feller black jacket

"Always a night swim at Bronte pool."

anna feller knitted sweater

"Rugged up."

anna feller orange jacket

"Tangerine dream, favourite coat of all time!"

anna feller clothing

"Hung out to dry."

anna feller shadow

"Draining the pool to be cleaned."

anna feller night swim

"Bronte at midnight."

anna feller ocean

"The always healing waters."

anna feller night time

"Off to graze on a farm plate and sip on a negroni at Sean’s Panorama."

anna feller green bag

"Forever my love."

anna feller beach

"My view from home."

anna feller salad

"Best brunch and post-shoot feed at the shop."

anna feller pictures

"My local."

anna feller jewels


anna feller pool

"Hanging at the skatepark with my son again."