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Blonde ambition: A television series about the elusive Angelyne is headed our way


A blonde goes to Hollywood for fame and fortune. It's the premise of many a movie and in the forthcoming TV series Angelyne, life imitates art.

Now before we dig into all the details about Angelyne, we need to take it back just a moment. Back to Los Angeles in the early 80s, more specifically. Before there was Paris Hilton or Kim Kardashian there was Angelyne, a blonde bombshell-type singer who kickstarted her own career in the most unconventional way. Instead of relying on the traditional route to fame, Angelyne rented billboards across the city, plastering "racy" pictures of nothing else but her own hot-pink clad figure alongside her mysterious name in looped cursive.

Before long, the media was scrambling to figure out just who Angelyne was, and the singer and actress went as viral as you could before social media. Pre-empting the rise of influencers and the famous-for-being-famous formula. It's a Hollywood story that deserves its own Hollywood on screen retelling, which is what American television network Peacock has planned.


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In a television series set to arrive on May 19, Shameless actress Emmy Rossum will both executive produce and star as Ms. Angelyne, who she has described as, "as if Marilyn Monroe got into an easy bake oven with a 80s punk Barbie Doll, and a dose of a new age spirituality".

“She’s a trailblazer, a hustler, a visionary, the original influencer, a living-breathing piece of art," Rossum continued. In a trailer released on March 10, we caught our first glimpse of Rossum as Angelyne, complete with a hot pink corvette. Although Angelyne isn't intended as a straight forward biopic, it will pay tribute to the entertainer, paying homage to her career and linking it to present day themes.

You can catch your first glimpse of the television series Angelyne, below.

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