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Brow expert Amy Jean shares the number one thing people get wrong when styling brows

Amy Jean brows

The allure of a perfectly groomed brow is unassailable. We'll forever be enamoured by a bold, fluffy brow - and always trying to achieve this look for ourselves. Because brows are one of the most striking and important parts of our facial structure.

Unfortunately, there's a lot you can wrong in the realm of brows and brow maintenance. So, when we were given the opportunity to talk to Amy Jean of Amy Jean Brow Agency, we had a host of questions already lined up. Amy Jean has been one of the leading experts in brow styling for years. The core philosophy of her brand is that no single brow shape fits all and that brow artistry to about tailoring a shape for you.

Here, Amy Jean answers all our questions on brow styling tips and the number one thing people get wrong about their brows.


What is the number one thing you think people get wrong about their brows?

Trimming them with scissors. It might be tempting to take to your brows with a nearby pair but cutting brow hairs spurs on a rebellious re-growth of coarse and curly hair that protrudes forward from the skin. You’ll never achieve a soft and fluffy brow with a blunt edge after a scissor has swept through them.


What’s the next big trend in brows we should look out for?

Get ready for completely natural brow colour, to the point of barely any colour definition. This trend is more about silhouette than shade, so you’ll see a lot of laminating the hair in an upward and outward direction to position the set the hairs in position. Brow Lamination treatments soften rogue hairs to sit flush against the skin, and thickens the width by brushing them in an upward direction.


Amy Jean brows

What inspired you to create an agency dedicated to brows?

When I was 23-years-old I recall loving a well-shaped brow, but was disappointed that the art of brows wasn’t receiving the attention it deserved. So I started the business on my own. About six-months after launching, and seeing 27 clients a day in 20-minute increments, my hands couldn’t keep up with demand. I knew I needed to investigate training someone. I am so proud that we are now a team of 30, Australia-wide.


What’s your best brow shaping secret?

The best brow trick is to fill in your brows into your desired shape using your preferred brow product, then tweeze the hairs away around this shape. Never improvise or imagine a shape without setting up your outline and boundaries prior – this leaves less room for error.


Amy Jean brows


Do you have any quick-fix tips or hacks for us to get our brows looking fab?

One universal tip is to nourish and protect the hairs you have remaining. I always hear people complain that they can’t grow their brows, but it’s so important to also nurture and embrace what you currently have. Brows are exposed to the elements, just like our hair and skin. To treat your brows with the care they need (and deserve), I recommend Amy Jean Daily Brow Mask; a leave-in brow treatment blended with Argan, sweet almond and cold pressed castor oil.


What’s better, tweezing or waxing?

I use both methods equally in my profession. With tweezing you can single out particular hairs to shape and debulk rogue hairs, whereas waxing is great for removing larger surface areas of fuzz and regrowth for a radiant glow.


What do you wish more people knew about brow maintenance and style?

A philosophy that really underpins Amy Jean Brows, and our product range, is that each person, and each brow, is completely unique. What works for another person won’t necessarily work for you – that’s the beauty of your individuality. Your brows are a large component of your character, and they should never enter the room before you do. They should be easy to look at and harmonise with your overall appearance. For instance, there’s been a surge in popularity in recent years for a mammoth brow of epic proportions, however it this doesn’t suit a petite frame and delicate face. Your brows should always enhance your natural beauty, not diverge from it.


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Images: Amy Jean Official