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Amanda Shadforth’s favourite memories of London Fashion Week with Burberry

Back to old London town. From road-side exhibitions to the sets at Burberry's runway presentation, creative director, photographer and visual artist Amanda Shadforth shares with RUSSH her postcards from London Fashion Week AW 19.

“Well suited in London Town.”

“One can never be too far away from the internet when working away from home.”

“I couldn't help myself when I saw this art stall on the side of the road at 100 Piccadilly, I ended up buying three pieces and coming very close to being charged excess for my luggage.”

“The seating in the room that I was in at the Burberry show was very cool, it had an industrial feeling and on each seat was a little silk envelope which held a scarf and fun stickers.”

“Surrounding all of the walls inside the show were all these kids who scaled the scaffolding through the runway show.”

“I loved wandering through the Antique Market in Covent Gardens and wondering who the previous owners were of all of the little trinkets.”

“Beautiful London Rooftops.”

“Just one of the market vendors selling their antique wares in Covent Garden.”

“Black cabs on oil slicked city streets.”

“The quintessential British feel.”

“Always taking pictures.”

“Crossing the road near Piccadilly Circus right near our hotel.”

“Getting sprung taking more photos on my fave SLR camera in the heart of Notting Hill.”

“Notting Hill and her beautiful pastel town houses.”

“Playing tourist and obsessing over the beautiful period architecture which is so different to where I live.”

“A cute little Romeo and Juliet window on a side street near Mayfair.”

“Post re-see outside of the Burberry HQ and loving the cool weather.”

“I love anything vintage or from a by-gone era. I fell in love with this old telephone in the lobby of our hotel.”