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Through the eyes of women: Agender and International Women’s Day

"I do this, I endure this, I want this . . . because I am a woman. I do that, I endure that, I want that . . . even though I’m a woman. Because of the mandated inferiority of women, their condition as a cultural minority, there continues to be a debate about what women are, can be, should want to be." - Susan Sontag.

Celebrate International Women’s Day with all-female identifying photography collective Agender’s new exhibition in partnership with Dermalogica. Agender presents Balance for Better, an exhibition the work of 22 talented women and show the world through the female lens. The works will highlight the difference in sexual perspectives as well as the ongoing reality of unequal pay and rights for women internationally. This collective of women aim not just to explore, but to adjust the imbalance by donating 50 per cent of all profits from the show to the Sydney Women’s Fund.

Gender co-founder, Cybele Malinowski, tells us that “Agender is a celebration of the great talent, wisdom and experience of female photographers. At the same time, our aim is to create new pathways for women at the start of their careers, and central to that is addressing the inequality in pay, diversity and opportunities given to women in the industry.” The show features curation and works of talented photographers such as Liz Ham, Anna Pogossova, and Bec Lorrimer to name but a few who are redefining the female gaze and making positive change within the industry.

The event is partnered with skincare favourites, Dermalogica, who will be unveiling their new campaign which features the intelligent and creative female muses that have inspired their most recent work. See the full show and campaign at Sun Studios, Alexandria, from March 8.