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Alex Cameron’s got us love sick all over again

We’ve all been there - felt the power and intoxication of new love wash over us as we catch a glimpse and wry smile from our significant other. An often intimate moment you replay in your head when you want to feel close to them, Alex Cameron has projected his infatuation for the world to see. His latest release, Miami Memory, the first new music we’ve seen from Cameron since 2017, is accompanied by a self-directed film clip which features Cameron’s saxophone player Roy Molloy, and girlfriend and muse Jemima Kirke.

An ode to Kirke, the single is filled with raunchy innuendos and explicit details of Cameron and Kirke’s relationship, with visuals to match. A heavily stylised clip that idolises Kirke’s personage and form, Cameron is surveys her from a place of tender infatuation and obsession as she takes a massage, smokes her cigarette, and dances. A montage of steamy scenes between the pair is stitched together by the smooth, synth-filled single; with slinky hits of saxophone hitting the right notes and perfectly dialling up the raunch. Molloy appears sax-less throughout the clip, acting as an usher and assistant to the loved up couple and popping up and disappearing at random. Set in a timeless location that incorporates 60s and 70s décor and costuming, with 50s makeup, a modern video camera and moves from Cameron that we aren’t sure are of this world, the whole video is visually stimulating and excites the eye.

Cameron explains the meaning behind his masterpiece: “Miami Memory is a story about how we audition in the present for our future selves to enjoy in retrospect ... It’s a gift for my girlfriend Jemima, and it is dedicated to the artist Greer Lankton and her partner Paul Monroe. I am lucky to have learned that a group of people can be a shining light.​”As much a piece of art as a music video, take a leaf out of Alex Cameron’s book and feel the love.