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15 of the best air fryer recipes you definitely need to try

air fryer recipes

Looking for something simple to whip up in the kitchen this week? A new go-to, easy recipe to turn to when in need? If you have – or are looking to purchase – an air fryer, we’ve compiled the ultimate list of air fryer recipes to try.

The opportunities for air fryer recipes are abundant, due to the appliance being applicable to many food sources and already existing methods. Only fine details need to be amended in order to make a recipe air fryer friendly. Before we delve into the recipes for you to try at home, allow us to first take you through the basics of this innovation in cooking.

What is an air fryer?

An air fryer is a countertop convection oven, mimicking the results of deep-frying with little more than hot air and a drizzle of oil. They have gradually been surging in popularity over the last few years, with the appliance a foolproof way to cook many meals with ease, rather than having to arduously prepare a dish at the end of the day.

How do they work?

The top section of the air fryer houses a heating mechanism and fan. Food is placed in a fryer-style basket and once turned on, hot air gushes and surrounds the food while it cooks. This circulation works to make the food crisp, similar to deep frying but without the excessive amounts of oil.

Air fryers bake food at a high temperature, while deep fryers cook food in a vat of oil, heated up to a nominated temperature. Both appliances cook food quickly, but an airy fryer requires little pre-heat time compared to a deep fryer which takes a minimum of 10 minutes.

What can I cook in an air fryer?

As air fryers are fast and once you understand the fundamentals, they can be used to cook a plethora of foods from frozen foods to fresh vegetables and poultry. If cooking with meat, they require no added oil as they already have natural juices and can instead be seasoned with herbs and spices. However, vegetables to need to be tossed lightly in oil before frying, but use less than you would typically use when frying the food.

To get you started on your air fryer cooking journey, we’ve rounded up 15 of the simplest (and tastiest) air fryer recipes for you to try at home for your next meal or dessert.


Zucchini, corn and halloumi fritters

air fryer recipes

Halloumi popcorn with maple sauce


Potato kiev

air fryer recipes


Quiche Lorraine


Zucchini chips


Salmon fillets


Banana bread

air fryer recipes


Italian-style meatballs


Roasted broccoli with cheese sauce

air fryer recipes


Peach pies


Cauliflower bites


Crispy toasted sesame tofu

air fryer recipes


Beetroot chips


Vegetarian quesadillas

air fryer recipes


Nutella brownies

air fryer recipes

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