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6 recipes to show why Silverbeet reigns supreme

If the last few years in wellness have shown us anything it's that greens are god. We know by now that by adding an addition of greens to our daily meals the health benefits are limitless. So if greens are our the keys to our limitless immunity that means silverbeet should be our new best friend.

Yes, silverbeet, that long-stalked, dark-green vegetable so often overlooked by its trendier counterpart Kale. We would be remiss if we didn't mention the special place we have for it, Stalk, leaves and all. Like its amaranth counterpart, Spinach, silverbeet holds its own in many recipes, from creamy bakes, savoury tarts and plates of crispy gözleme, it is a worthy opponent in soups and salads. Wilted down as the perfect accompaniment for roasted or slow-cooked meats, or pan fried in buttery goodness for the last minute weeknight dinner.

So with that said, here we have six of our favourite recipes to try with your new green counterpart.

Silverbeet, pea and feta 'sausage' rolls

silverbeet recipes

Crispy and flaky layers of pastry, combined with a herby salty filling. The ideal meal when entertaining guests or for a quick lunchtime snack. Enjoy alongside a bed of rocket for an extra hit of bitter greens.

Onion, silverbeet and gruyere tart

Silverbeet was made for tarts, wilting down into an oozy concoction with ripples of gruyere who could resist this combination? Made even better with the edition of onion the staple of any great tart.

Matt Preston's silverbeet and chickpea puttanesca

silverbeet recipes

You have to hand it to Matt Preston and his penchant for quick and moorish meals. Here is no exception with this delicious take on an Italian classic. The chickpea gives a nice nutty boost to the acid tomato base. Heaven!

Silverbeet, broccolini and mozzarella pizza

Whoever said you couldn't make a pizza with greens has never tried this epic collaboration. The healthy gourmet version of your takeaway pizza. The mozzarella with the green silverbeet give this a wonderful tartness.

Silverbeet and olive tart with parmesan crust

By now we realise silverbeet's best friend really is cheese, and here this parmesan crust is the perfect inclusion. The perfect option for all the Vegetarians in your life.

Silvia Colloca's vegetarian mushroom and silverbeet lasagne

Hosting a dinner party? Look no further than this crowd favourite, made with layers of earthy mushrooms, you won't miss the meat with this for one moment. It's also made with an egg free pasta for all those with any sensitivities.

Looking for even more greens? Consider looking into this delicious buckwheat and zucchini bread, when you're stumped for your next midweek snack.

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