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#March4Justice: Here’s a list of the protests taking place this weekend

Australia's #MeToo movement may have been a late bloomer but at no point do we see it fading from view. As the one year anniversary marking the first ever March 4 Justice rallies inches closer, organisers have set a date for its 2022 demonstrations.

This coming Sunday, 27 February 2022 women, gender-diverse folk and allies will once again take their protest to the streets, marching against the current Federal Government's consistent apathy toward gendered violence. With a Federal Election looming ever closer despite an official date not yet being set, now is the time to up the ante and continue the work that was started in March last year.

“This year, on the anniversary of that historic march, women are asking what’s improved? What’s changed for the better?" says organiser Janine Hendry. "They will be taking these questions with them to the ballot box."

All who turn up will be marching in support of the March 4 Justice movement's four key demands. They are calling for rigorous and independent investigations into all cases of gendered sexual violence, with timely referrals to the appropriate authorities. Next, they are campaigning for Parliament to implement every single one of the 55 recommendations made in the Australian Human Rights Commission’s Respect@Work report. As for the last two, advocates are demanding that the government raise public funding for gendered violence and be a global leader on this front, as well as develop a Gender Equality Act to enshrine gender equality into law, with the inclusion of a gender equity audit of practices in Parliament.

For those who are looking to protest in person this Sunday, March 4 Justice organisers are in the process of adding a list of official rallies to the March 4 Justice live map, which offers key details like location, time and event format. As for those of us not in a position to attend a local rally this weekend, there are still myriad other ways to show your support and get involved. You can always donate to March 4 Justice, RizeUp Australia, or you local women's refuge. Mine is Lou's Place. Otherwise a livestream event will take place online on Sunday, with organisers to release the details soon on the March 4 Justice website.

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