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Watch the trailer for ‘Ainu Mosir’, the new film under Ava DuVernay’s Array Releasing

Ainu Mosir

When it comes to foreign films, we're always excited to learn about upcoming projects, especially when they are worked on by none other than Ava DuVernay's production title. A new coming-of-age film under Ava DuVernay's Array Releasing production company titled, 'Ainu Mosir', is set to release later this month on Netflix, at Select cinemas, and was shown at the Tribeca Film Festival earlier this year.

The film will be headed by Takeshi Fukunaga, and follows the story of a 14-year-old Indigenous Ainu boy named Kanto (played by Kanto Shimokura), and investigates his world of century-old traditions as the young boy navigates long-standing beliefs after he loses a parent. Kanto is taken under the wing of a longtime family friend, Debo (played by Debo Akibe), who offers Kant guidance on the wisdom of their ancestors. The film is set in Hokkaido, Japan where the indigenous Ainu people reside, and it is said that the plot line and "characters were developed with input from the community, with Ainu non-professional actors playing all the film’s Ainu roles." Variety reports. Torn between upholding and honouring the tradition of his community and ancestors, Kanto is curious about the mysteries of adulthood, and begins on a journey to better understand the self and his century-old traditions.

'Ainu Mosir' was penned by Fukunaga himself, and was produced by Eric Nyari, Harue Miyake with cinematography by Sean Price Williams.

The trailer below shows Kanto and the many aspects of life in an Ainu community, where tradition is rich and sacred, intercepted with fragments of modern life and activities. Though DuVernay isn't directly involved in the production, we have endless love for her work, and have no doubt that her production title will have done this one justice. 'Ainu Mosir' will be released on Netflix on November 17, alongside its release in select cinemas. Watch a preview below.

image: @ainumosir_movie

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