Protect your face with the latest from Aesop

Aesop sunscreen moisturiser

It’s safe to say no bathroom is complete without a touch of Aesop. After searching far and wide for a lightweight yet protective SPF, Aesop answered the call. A result of three years of research, the Protective Facial Lotion possesses an SPF of 25 and a texture only they could perfect. Gone is the slip, slop, slap mentality and in its place a matte product that glides on smooth and absorbs like second skin, even in the balmy days of late summer.

The lotion is both a moisturiser and an SPF, protecting skin from both the damaging effects of sun exposure and its after-effects (such as dehydration). Chock full of anti-oxidants like Green Tea and Vitamin E, skin-soothing Panthenol and a host of other moisturising ingredients, the tonic bears a woody and herbaceous aroma, unlike cloying sun creams of the past. Face the day with your best skin forward. Protected, that is.

AESOP Protective Facial Lotion SPF25