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Liquid light – Aesop’s Lucent Facial Concentrate is made for the Australian climate

aesop lucent facial concentrate

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Tell me something, what's in your serum lineup? Does a little amber glass Aesop bottle factor in at all? If your skin care cupboard looks similar to the RUSSH team's, then you'll already be aware that serums are vehicles for vitamins. They're the workhorses in charge of replenishing and fortifying; an everyday companion that not only targets specific skin concerns, but can also enhance the benefits of your skin care routine. When it comes to Lucent Facial Concentrate from Aesop, the hero ingredient is Vitamin C, and with the power of hydration that this product possesses, you'll be hunting down a refill before you even get to the bottom.

Anyone playing in the beauty realm will harbour a soft spot for this powerhouse ingredient. With anti-oxidant properties, Vitamin C helps bolster your skin against oxidative stress along with daily environmental aggressors. As someone prone to pigmentation in the summer, the skin-balancing benefits of Lucent Facial Concentrate are also a source of great comfort.

How is Lucent Facial Concentrate different from other serums?

Crafted to be featherlight with a near-imperceptible finish, Lucent Facial Concentrate is lightweight and made with both warm and cool climates in mind. Which is music to the ears of those of us who have lived through one too many La Niña summers, or for those of us who move between different environments often. What this also means is that the serum lends itself well to folks with combination skin, and is an alternative for those who tend to steer clear of oil-based hydrators and heavy moisturisers. If you're someone who has experienced difficulty with layering your skin care routine in the past, you'll also find that the lightweight texture of Lucent Facial Concentrate helps to prevent the imbalance that sometimes occurs between thicker products – maintaining a refreshed, hydrated look and feel throughout the entire day.

What are the key ingredients and what are their benefits?

If it smells subtly of Turkish delight, that's because the formulation of Lucent Facial Concentrate comprises of delicate Rose Otto essential oil, among others including Frankincense and Sandalwood. As for those vitamins? It's a potent recipe. Stabilised Vitamin C – in the form of Sodium Ascorbyl Phosphate – is enlisted to help even the appearance of skin, meanwhile, Sodium Carrageenan is married into the mix as a source of moisture and sustained hydration.

Yet to acquaint yourself with this small but mighty serum? It's a simple ritual and one you can embrace all year round. Gently massage one to two pipettes – roughly half a teaspoon – into clean skin morning and night and follow with your moisturiser of choice.

Secure a bottle of Lucent Facial Concentrate for yourself at the Aesop website.

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