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A24’s latest project ‘Past Lives’ will see Greta Lee and Teo Yoo grace our screens

In the latest flavour of pie A24 has wriggled its fingers into, the production company have just announced the cast of their film Past Lives. Not one to diverge from past behaviour, we are lapping the news up.

Greta Lee, a favourite of ours from Russian Doll and the strange thriller that was Gemini, is set to star alongside hunky South Korean actor Teo Yoo famed for his role in the 2019 K-drama Vertigo. Supporting these two, will be the wheezy voiced John Magaro who you might remember as Lorna's husband in Orange Is The New Black or from his role in The Big Short.

Helmed by Celine Song, the playwright will be make her directorial debut with Past Lives. A move that will hopefully prove to be fruitful to her career. Working with Song will be Christine Vachon and Pamela Koffler, who will produce for their own indie production company, Killer Films, based in New York City. And true to form, A24 and CJ ENM will co-finance and produce the film. Currently in pre-production, filming for Past Lives is anticipated to begin later this year.

As for the plot, all details have been left a secret for now. But little pockets of the internet are suggesting Past Lives will be a Korean romance, a suggestion I'm all to happy to lean in to. Although if we've learned anything from A24, overly saccharine love stories are not quite their thing. Instead favouring the grittier, awkward and more confronting side of relationships à la Euphoria and even Midsommar. 

As it's still early days for the film, a release date is yet to be confirmed. But we'll keep you updated as more information unfolds.

You'd think having a film in the works with Julio Torres and Travis Scott's Utopia to worry about would slow A24 down. But no, it's full steam ahead for the of-the-moment production company.

Images: Teo Yoo , Greta Lee

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