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A24 is auctioning off those hot dog fingers from ‘Everything Everywhere All At Once’ for trans charity

a24 everything everywhere all at once auction

Admittedly, my brain is not well-equipped to make sense of alternate reality films. The exception? Everything Everywhere All At OnceWhile a lot of that has to do with how exceptional Michelle Yeoh is, some of the most memorable scenes from the A24 film boil down to its props. That 'Auditor of the Month' butt plug-shaped trophy. The squelchy sound of Yeoh and Jamie-Lee Curtis' hot dog fingers... Well, it turns out you could get your hands on both, if you're so inclined. A24 is auctioning off 43 props and costume pieces for charity. So you can be a sick person, but feel good about it at least?

The production company has divided the props into three groups to correspond with the three charities that will receive the proceeds. The organisations involved include New York and New Jersey-based grassroots organisation, Laundry Workers Center, whose mission is to combat abuses like landlord negligence, wage theft, and hazardous and exploitative working conditions for workers in the laundry, warehouse, and food service industries; the Transgender Law Centre, a national legal advocacy organisation based in the US; and the Asian Mental Health Project that aims to de-stigmatise mental health in Asian-American communities, while making crucial care more accessible.

So what other props are included in the charity auction? There's the fanny pack Ke Huy Quan's character Waymond wears and his chapstick too. The 'rockverse' rock embellished with googly eyes, naturally. Evelyn and Waymond's official divorce papers are on offer, as a souvenir of the fallibility of marriage. You can even snatch up the desk cookies Jamie-Lee Curtis' character Deidre snacks on, although they're sadly not edible.

Considering that the last time A24 auctioned off props – it was 2020, and they were from Euphoria, Midsommar and Uncut Gems – it managed to raise $362,875 USD for the FDNY Foundation, Food Bank for New York City, NYC Health + Hospitals and Queens Community House, we can see this being equally a success, especially given how much of a hit Everything Everywhere All At Once was upon its release.

So if you're looking to secure a piece of memorabilia from the Oscar-nominated film, simply head to the A24 website where the auction is taking place as we speak. Godspeed.

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