A slow burning love affair with La Mer

A one night stand with skincare might give you those feel-good endorphins when you wake up to find slightly plumper under eyes or a pimple banished to oblivion, but it’s the long-term relationship – the type where you can finish each other’s sentences, comfortably sit in silence while getting lost in your latest joint Netflix venture – that kind of cultivated intimacy available only once we have gone through the trials and tribulations to weed out any problems, that’s the kind we need to form with our beauty routines.

La Mer’s The Regenerating Serum is emblematic of the type of skin care that gives you that slow burn kind of love. While you’ll see a difference in a day, and your skin will be soft and subtle after a few weeks, the real effects of this one continue to reveal themselves after a decade or more of consistent use. Cut to 10 or 15 years from now, when the face looking back at you in the mirror is almost the same as the one you’ve got today, you’ll have realised you’ve interrupted the ageing process and those times when you came home late at night and applied your serums, masks and eye creams were all worth it.

This serum works through a combination of La Mer’s trademarked Regenerating Ferment (to aid skin renewal, meaning your skin will be stronger and more resistant of stressors) and a Marine Peptide Ferment (to support collagen production and stop any collagen loss – one of the biggest causes of visible ageing). La Mer’s signature Miracle Broth is also present in this serum, an elixir which brings skin back to its healthiest state through a process of healing, aided by naturally fermented nutrients and minerals. If that all sounds a bit overwhelming, all you really need to know is this: apply one to two pumps over the face and neck every morning and evening, follow with your moisturiser, and sleep soundly knowing you’ve future-proofed your skin.

LA MER The Regenerating serum