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5 simple recipes we’re cooking this week

simple recipes

Mustering up the inspiration for weeknight meals is never the most exciting use of time, even for those who love spending moments in the kitchen. With an emphasis on efficiency and simplicity, the weeknight meal can so often fall to the wayside, at the mercy of quick pastas and the regular sad omelette in exchange for time and adequate fuel. For those who are looking to add new recipes to their catalogue in the name of spicing things up, or simply need a touch point of inspiration for tonight's dinner, We're rounding up five simple recipes we are cooking this week, below.

Joel Bennetts' Green Pea, Anchovy and Basil Pasta

simple recipes

A fresh and bright dish to add to your weekly rotation, the name gives it all away. Frozen peas mix well with salty anchovies and fresh basil in a dish that comes together swiftly once you factor out pasta cooking time. Make once, and then keep making, over and over again.

Laila Gohar's Eggplant

simple recipes

Eggplant that has been torched within an inch of its life and then gloriously softened by the steam its own heat creates. When eggplant turns into silky ribbons of flesh there is nothing better. Spoon garlic infused olive oil over top and serve with crusty bread. Whether a whole meal or a swift snack, it's likely to do the trick nicely.

Yotam Ottolenghi's Brown Butter Beans

simple recipes

As Ottolenghi says, "If I want to show someone love, a meal is generally made. I, in turn, love my cupboard when I open it and see my staples at the ready: my jars of butter beans, my anchovies, my silky olive oil, my chile flakes. If really big hugs and comfort are needed, though, I often reach for butter."

Laila Gohar's Polenta Cake

simple recipes

A simple weekday desert that can be taken with lunch or eaten for breakfast (if that's your style). Make ahead for the week and enjoy a simple and filling treat.

Carter Were's Spaghetti and Beans

A simple and hearty recipe comprised mostly of things you'll find in your pantry or fridge. Comforting, filling, and oh so easy.


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