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5 favourite fashion moments from this week

5 Moments


Lately, it feels as though all the weeks seem to melt into one. But yet again we come to the end of another. This week Paris Fashion Week was in full bloom with moments that were hard to miss, including an insider pass into Dior's atelier, the first drive in runway and backstage beauty moments with Chanel. Here is this weeks round up.



Behind The Door To Dior

Dior Fittings
Photo courtesy of Dior


For those who witnessed Dior's cathartic FW 21 show this week, it's quite possible you were also left winded by the magnificence of a show that offered us nothing less than the most majestic fantasy. A definitive highlight for me was the intimate access into Dior's ateliers to view all the quiet before the storm.



Coperni - The World's First Drive-In Runway

Photo courtesy of Coperni


One of my favourite things I get to witness in my career are the different and innovative ways design houses brainstorm in the way of showing their collections. This week French brand Coperni caught my attention, staging the world's first ever drive-in runway for fashion week. Seventy participants departed their homes in thirty-five electric cars, arriving at the Accord Arena in Bercy in the 12th arrondissement of the City of Light. Moving into formation, conceptualising a catwalk, individual headlights lit up as the models stormed through. For Coperni, front row meant witnessing the show from your passenger seat window.



Beauty moments with Chanel

Chanel Beauty
Photo courtesy of Chanel


Chanel transported us to Chez Castel, back to the days where the girls of Paris painted the town in the night - dancing well into the early mornings and walking home at sunrise. The most perfectly kohl rimmed eyes and smudged lips graced the club girls of Chanels FW 21 runway and luckily, we have dibs on their backstage beauty notes. With the perfect eye penciled in Le Crayon Khol in 61 Noir and lips painted in Rouge Coco Bloom in 116 Dream, for the days we will finally get to dance, Chanel offer us a little comfort in the way of an exclusive insider tip.



Hermes Goes Mushroom

Hermes Fungi
Photo courtesy of Coppi Barbieri & MycoWorks


This news brought me joy today - to hear about yet another fashion house who is deciding to take more initiative towards sustainability in production. Three years in the making, French fashion house Hermes is collaborating with MycoWorks in the development of a new material called 'sylvania" that is produced from the vegetative part of fungi called mycelium. Notably reworking the Hermes Victoria travel bag, it is always a highlight to hear of any brand taking steps towards fashion production and sustainable technology.



Drive & Listen

Drive Listen
Photo courtesy of Drive & Listen


Not quite a fashion moment but a definitive moment in my week of discoveries. My heart skipped a beat when I came across Drive & Listen - a site where you are able to pick a city in the world and drive around looking out the window listening to a local radio station of your choice. At a time where travel is not permitted, Drive & Listen may definitely be closest thing to satiating an aching heart, one that longs for hours in nostalgic transit and a land of foreign languages unknown.


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