Zoë Croggon

GIORGIO ARMANI shirt, pants and earrings.

Zoë Croggon has long been fascinated by the expressional power of the human form. As a former dancer, she is well versed in conveying meaning with movement. As an artist, she’s interested in what we say unintentionally, too; how we relate to the spaces in which we find ourselves.

GIORGIO ARMANI top and skirt.
GIORGIO ARMANI shirt and pants.

“I’m interested in exploring the relationship between the kinetic body and its surroundings; questioning the role we play in our environment and how deeply it informs the cadence of our lives.”

GIORGIO ARMANI jacket, top, pants and shoes.

Her collaged depictions, though tied to movement, are characteristically static. But the flow remains, the eye is enticed to travel. The line of a woman’s hip glides into the curve of stone architecture; a body suspended mid-air spirals into a white stairwell.

A ballerina contorts her figure in line with concrete rafters. “The work poses the human body simultaneously at odds and in step with its environment,” offers the Melbourne-based artist. “It presents the body both restricted by its architecture and in symbiotic harmony with it.”

GIORGIO ARMANI jacket, top and pants.

It should come as no surprise, then, that Croggon is influenced by the work of choreographers, along with directors like Lucrecia Martel, Maya Deren and Hiroshi Teshigahara and the almost-architectural drawings of Brazilian artist Lygia Clark.

“Much of my work considers the effects our geographic environment has on our physical and emotional condition. I think this concept of the body navigating natural and built space is where my interest in dance comes in as well.”

“I find the trained body and modern architecture fascinating counterparts ... each unyielding, severe, and rigorously functional in form.”

GIORGIO ARMANI jacket and shoes; talent’s own jeans.
GIORGIO ARMANI jacket, top and earrings.

PHOTOGRAPHY Ivana Martyn-Zyznikow
FASHION Natalie Petrevski
ARTIST Zoë Croggon
HAIR & MAKEUP Justin Henry @ Vivien’s Creative using Make Up For Ever and Kevin Murphy

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