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Your new season wardrobe awaits: SIR reveals its Resort 20 collection

Feminine, nostalgic, strong. SIR's Resort 20 collection is brought to life by Ribal Hosn and Bruna Volpi in Deladana Le Citron.

Set in the Australian outback, the short film takes you on a journey through each story in the collection; from embroidered dresses and floral prints to sharp suits and boxy shapes – SIR stays true to its signature style. Five women, sisters or friends, adorned in white and gold (and gumboots), and with winter in the review mirror this is the summer we're dreaming of. Press play below, and read our interview with the brand's co-founders and designers, Sophie Coote and Nikki Campbell.

Tell us a little about the inspiration behind the SIR Resort 20 collection ...
Nikki Campbell:
Deladana Le Citron is an ode to the SIR woman, inspired by history, literature, art and femininity. The prints are a modern take on notions of fertility, peace and abundance through symbols of leaves, figs and pomegranate. The embroidery on our Delilah story grew from the imagery of collective women …

Sophie Coote: The collection is very much inspired by the empowerment of all women. Whimsical, feminine lace detailing and soft lines contrasted against sharp suiting, the collection celebrates femininity.

Describe the SIR woman …
Nikki: The SIR woman is confident in her own skin, a traveller. She is spontaneous and strong in her identity and style.

How did the film concept come about?
The film concept came from this inspiration of a sisterhood, a circle of women and a play on this element of fairy tale. We really wanted to embody the inspiration of the collection through the film and create this SIR sisterhood.

What role does the past play when envisaging your collections?
Our collections always have an element of vintage and tradition to them. We have always drawn on muses past and present to embody the SIR woman. We love to re-work techniques and design to develop our own embroidery, lace and prints inspired by vintage artworks, tapestries, parchments.

Tell us a little about your creative partnership – what do you get from creating together that you might not if designing alone?
Sophie: We are constantly bouncing off each other, sharing ideas, creative inspirations and challenging each other at the same time. We have a shared vision and similar aesthetic, yet our eye for detail and style is different so it works perfectly when designing our ranges.

 Tell us about some of your current inspirations (art, film, literature, music, etc) …
Sophie: We are constantly travelling so this is always changing, but we have always obsessed over film work by Sofia Coppola, her films inspired the creative concept behind our campaign and film for Resort 20.

Nikki: We love work by the likes of Peter Lindbergh, Helmut Newton and Richard Avedon. For Resort, we have also draw inspiration from Gustave Courbet’s ‘The Young Ladies on the banks of the Seine’ for its rich textures of florals and foliage, tones of whites and the delicacy of lace on the girl’s lace undergarments.

What’s the biggest challenge you’ve faced so far in building your brand?
Managing our growth has been our biggest challenge. SIR since its inception gained traction and international attention quickly as a result of our strong digital presence and cult like following domestically. We have been extremely strategic with our branding and store placements both domestically and internationally to ensure the brand is accessible but not oversaturated, and that our growth has remained organic.

What’s the best part about your job?
Nikki and Sophie: It changes every day, it allows us to be creative, to travel, to work with amazing people we have always highly respected and been inspired by.