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Overcome with existential dread and anxiety? This new book will resonate with you

worry alexandra tanner

Looking for your next read? Worry is one of the March book releases that have piqued our interest, the debut from Brooklyn-based author Alexandra Tanner. You haven't started on its pages, but maybe you've seen it? The novel – with its faceless coverstar doubled over with a bowl of fruit on her head – is flooding our feeds, a sure-fire sign that like Green Dot by Madeleine Gray it's destined to go big.

So what's beneath the hype? Tanner is said to have captured the unease of our current moment. However, Worry isn't set in a post-pandemic world, rather it opens up in March of 2019 with a 28-year-old protagonist Jules Gold. Jules has just broken up with the man she thought she'd marry, and as he's moved out her younger sister Poppy has moved in indefinitely. Poppy is another story entirely; a year and a half out from a secret suicide attempt, Poppy is searching for work while Jules spends her days hate-scrolling.

As the year passes and the women edge unknowingly toward a global annus horribilis, the sisters – comrades, competitors, constant fixtures in each other's worlds – each grapple with their own problems in the certainty that they can show each other their worst and yet they're obligated to stay.

Before you ask, it's not a "sad girl novel". For starters, Alexandra Tanner is a woman, not a child, and the ideas she's presenting isn't sadness but legitimate anxieties, observations, and questions about the world we exist in today.

Worry also comes recommended by Kiley Reid, author of Such A Fun Age and more recently, Come And Get It. 

Is there a release date for Worry?

Worry will be published by Scribner in the US on March 26. It's not yet clear if the book will have an Australian release, but if it does it will likely be published by Simon & Schuster Australia. Alternatively, you can pre-order the title here.


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