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Wittner sparks our thirst for adventure with its AW22 collection, ‘The Explorers’

Wittner AW22

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Every wardrobe has that one pair of shoes – the ones that tell their own story. They've walked many a pathway, travelled in and out of suitcases and can be found at the centre of some of life's greatest memories and stories. "These ones..." you reminisce as you fetch the box from the depths of your closet. The perfect shoe offers more than just protection; acting as a foundation of confidence and steadiness in even the most uncertain and exciting terrains.

Whether as a physical pursuit of adventure, or a more internal exploration or challenge, Wittner understands the value of footwear that inspires a thirst for discovery and risk taking; a sentiment that is grounded in the brand's AW 22 collection, The Explorers.

With 110 years of innovation, Wittner has continued its commitment to expertly crafted designs to create a collection of otherworldly silhouettes in unfamiliar hues. An offering that is driven by the opportunity to marry premium fabrics with covetable designs, The Explorers evokes a sense of newness and adventure.

Wittner AW22

“We at Wittner are so excited to introduce our customers to The Explorers, one of our strongest Autumn-Winter collections to date," shares CEO Catherine Williamson.

"Building on our renewed commitment to creating expertly crafted, on-trend styles in high-quality materials – our hope is that The Explorers will enable all women to continue to walk tall."

A journey and adventure of its own, The Explorers collection takes us through eight uniquely-designed trend stories; almost as if to represent various terrains and landscapes. And what could be better than a pair of shoes distinctly perfect for each event on your calendar?

If your day-to-day looks anything like that of the RUSSH team's, then you can appreciate the versatility of a shoe wardrobe that can take you from A to B and every stop in-between. This merging of functionality and impact have always been hallmarks of the Wittner brand, and its latest collection is no exception.

For the upcoming season, we're crowning Sicilian Green as the new black – our new autumn/winter staple colour that is breathing new life into wardrobe basics. The colourway brings together the two worlds of European élan and couture-class silhouettes; presenting in four distinctly different boot styles throughout the collection. The practical Cinzia Patent Leather Ankle Boot, the sleek Hennetta Leather Stiletto Heel Ankle Boot, a timeless Paltrow Leather Flared Heel Pump and our personal favourite, the Petrova Stretch Leather Over The Knee Boot. For full impact, of course.

It's a theme the RUSSH team are looking to continue throughout our wardrobes this season – taking classic silhouettes into the unconventional. With AAFW, one of the biggest events in the Australian fashion calendar on the horizon, it's the metallic and Vinylite designs in sculptural styles part of the 'On Reflection' edit, which will become the statement element of our outfits. A uniform of a crisp white button down and blue jeans can only be made better with the addition of the Hanako Silver Metallic Stiletto Heel Ankle Boot.


Wittner AW22

For those who are also on board for some sparkle and high-impact, 'Treasure Hunt' – a selection of crystal-studded stilettos and knee-high shimmering boots – will lead to joy. Whereas 'Woodland Wanderer', by contrast, is all about finding stability in an edit of rich-brown designs. Think soft and natural textiles with a welcome and casual edge; a natural fit within an excitedly rapid journey.

Wittner AW22

A collection that speaks to every facet of our personalities – and our calendars – The Explorers is just that. A collection that encourages us to dive deeper into our adventurous side while still equipping our wardrobes with foolproof pieces to get us through any, and every day. Whether you're a fan of vibrant footwear like our content director Elyssa, or prefer the enduring timelessness of a thigh-high black boot like content producer Sonia.

The Explorers is the perfect balance of relaxed luxury that pays homage to Wittner's rich heritage, while also marking a sign of evolution for the brand. A step forward for new adventure, with a nod to all that has come before.

Wittner AW22


Wittner’s new AW22 Collection, The Explorers, is available to purchase online now, at, and in stores across Australia.

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