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Winter in Japan: Holly Gibson shares her favourite moments on film

Photographer Holly Gibson returns to her second home of Japan, sending her album of special moments captured on film.

"My family live in Japan so I have been living on and off in Nozawa Onsen since I was a child, even attending school there for a brief stint. I escape summer every year to be with my family and friends in the village, help out around the lodges and fit in as much snowboarding as possible. It is home there for me. 

"I always had a camera on me but I find Nozawa my place of escapism where I don't really connect to social media or pause to take a million photos. I find that the photos below are all the in-between moments, and little glimpses into what life is there, as it is difficult to encapsulate it all."

"In the morning before the cloud cleared."

"Last ride in the back country."

"Hokuryu Lake."

"My dear friend Ash, we always feel invincible together."

"A late night onsen with Em at our local, Matsuba-No-Yu."

"Em, Amy and Ash at Maguse Onsen."

"Powder run."

"Bluebird day."

"Lunch break."

"Drinks overlooking town with Steph and Jack, just after a close call in the back country."

"Hokuryu Lake, a busy Summer campground but abandoned in the Winter."