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Another movie about Willem Dafoe slowly descending into madness is on its way

willem dafoe inside

No one does steep descents into madness or isolation quite like Willem Dafoe. We learned that much after viewing The LighthouseWell, schedule a dance class or something because you're going to need to shake out those nerves after viewing the trailer for Dafoe's latest psychological thriller, Inside.

What is Inside about?

If we must be riddled with tension for the period of a feature-length film, then at least we can find small comfort in Willem Dafoe's presence. Helmed by Greek filmmaker Vasilis Katsoupis, the indie project follows a seasoned art thief named Nemo, as he attempts to pull off a heist at a luxury and high-tech penthouse somewhere in the vicinity of Times Square, New York City.

When the robbery inevitably goes south, Nemo is trapped inside the apartment without essentials like water or food (you can't eat art), and must channel all his efforts and cunning into staying alive. Cue the Bee Gees.

Any word on casting?

At this stage it appears Inside is something of a one-man show. Have you seen Castaway? Kind of like that. Consider this another entry into the canon of Willem Dafoe slowly going insane on screen. Our favourite genre.

Is there a release date?

For all the Dafoe simps, you'll be glad to know Inside is mere months from dropping in your local cinema, with a release date scheduled for March 10, 2023. Add it to your calendars and don't say we didn't warn you!

What about a trailer?

Hold on a sec, we're getting there. As mentioned earlier, there is a trailer for Inside and you can find it where all trailers live: YouTube. However, we've saved you approximately 3.2 seconds by including the preview, below.

Still thirsty for Dafoe daddy? Control yourselves! Just kidding, no judgement here. Hopefully this list of the actor's best films can temper your hunger for the time being.

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