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Bondi Fish Shop’s whole flounder is the perfect fish dish to entertain with this summer

whole flounder recipe

Everyone knows that a great fish dish is the key to nailing summer entertaining. The feeling of pulling away at a flakey, steaming, freshly procured creature of the sea while basking in the sun is unparalleled. But it's also true that nailing the fish dish at any festive or celebratory event is no easy task – especially with such a weight on your shoulders. Thankfully, head chef Joel Bennetts and the team behind Bondi's Fish Shop have shared the recipe for their undoubtedly delicious whole flounder, and this is one fish that will never disappoint.


Whole John Dory with Preserved lemon salsa and crisp white onions


1 x whole john dory gutted and cleaned with head off 2 handful of chopped parsley
2 preserved lemon, rinsed, deseeded and sliced finely 1 clove of garlic finely grated on microplane
200ml of extra virgin olive oil 1 large tbls of Dijon mustard Sea salt
Black pepper
Zest & juice of 1 brown onion 300ml of canola oil


1. Combine the chopped parsley, preserved lemons, Dijon, lemon & seasonings in a bowl check seasoning and put aside
2. For the fried onions, sliced super fine on a mandolin then heat canola oil until 170c
3. Fry onions in oil until a light golden brown, don’t take too dark as they keep cooking even when they’re out of the oil, drain onto paper towel & season with table salt
4. To cook the fish, lightly brush with olive oil & sea salt and place on a pre heated bbq, cook for about 7 minutes on the first side and 5 minutes on the second.
5. Rest fish on baking tray for a few moments then serve up with salsa, fried onions & a lemon cheek


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