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Looking for a last-minute, easy starter? Try this recipe for anchovy toast with salsa verde and pickled eschalots

anchovy toast recipe

There's no worse fear during the holiday season than the arrival of unexpected guests when you have an empty pantry. In fact, as a second generation-born Greek, it's a burning reminder of great hospitality that has been embedded in me for as long as I can remember. And while there's certainly no overlooking the sheer joy that an excellent selection of well-curated cheeses and deli meats can bring, as our penchant for good niblies continues to develop, it's time we start looking for something more. What is that more, exactly? An excellent, and unbeatable recipe for anchovy toast, of course.

Too often overlooked, anchovies are a pantry staple with a punch. Here at RUSSH, our favourite is of course the famous Ortiz anchovy, but the options are really endless here. If you're concerned that this starter is too difficult to assemble, we would argue that it actually takes less time than setting up a charcuterie board.

Salty, acidic and a good crunch of charcoal on that sourdough bread, this is a perfectly balanced, easy starter that will always impress. Our friends at Bondi's Fish Shop share their recipe to this foolproof dish.


Anchovy toast, with salsa verde & pickled eschalots


Sourdough sliced half pieces
Your favourite anchovy (I used yurita cantabrian) Eschalots
Pickled eschalots:
- 6 large eschalots
- Merlot vinegar


1. Finely slice the eschalots on a mandolin, and cover in merlot vinegar (ideally these are done 24 hours before use) these also last for weeks if not months
Salsa verde:
- 50g baby capers
- 100g parsley
- 100g coriander
- 20g chili
- 50g lemon juice
- 10g garlic
- 500ml olive oil
1. Throw all ingredients into a nutri-bullet and pulse into a fine paste, store in fridge
2. To serve, grill or toast the bread then spread with salsa verde over the top.. top with 2 anchovies then finish with some pickled eschalots

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