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Who is Eve Jobs? Everything you need to know about the model and equestrienne

who is eve jobs

We’re calling it: Eve Jobs is a name you need to know. Having fronted global campaigns and walked at Paris Fashion Week, Jobs is an emerging figure in the fashion industry whose face is set to become recognisable across the globe. But, just who is Jobs and where has she come from? We’ve compiled a handy guide to this new face.

Coperni and Glossier have both tapped Jobs for modelling work  

Jobs has kept a low profile for most of her life, however in 2020, she was one of the faces included in the Glossier holiday advertising campaign. Appearing alongside Sydney Sweeney and Naomi Smalls, the campaign is cited as a breakthrough moment in her career.

In October 2021, she made her runway debut at Paris Fashion Week, walking at the Coperni Spring/Summer show alongside Gigi Hadid and Paloma Elesser in a neon green turtleneck and patterned miniskirt. Jobs took to Instagram to share the moment, saying it was an honour to be part of the show.


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She is an established equestrienne, competing since six years of age

Riding horses since childhood, Jobs is a decorated equestrienne even competing against fellow technology founder kin Jennifer Gates, daughter of Microsoft founder Bill Gates and wife Melinda. According to Horse Sports, Jobs is ranked fifth out of 1,000 best equestriennes under 25 across the globe.


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As of 2022, she is signed with DNA Models

Announcing the news on Instagram, Jobs has recently signed with DNA Models, with the agency taking to their website to share the news of their latest model. In a post, the agency says its “thrilled to be representing” Jobs as part of their talent.

“The young Californian is an accomplished equestrian and Stanford graduate, and we are very excited to help her launch her auspicious modelling career."


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She is the daughter of late Apple founder, Steve Jobs

Jobs is the youngest daughter of late technology brand Apple’s founder Steve Jobs and former wife Laurene. Born in 1998, she has two siblings – Reed and Erin – and a half-sister, Lisa. She’s described as being strong-willed and ambitious.

One to watch, you can keep up to date on Jobs via her Instagram.

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